Translation News Round-Up: February 2017

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Recent updates include employee data theft at multinational translation company TransPerfect, machine translation news from Amazon and Microsoft, some very funny examples of misbegotten translations,  notes on reviewing translations by Words without Borders’ Daniel Hahn, and a big list of tips for freelance translators.

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Translation Fails: Funny Examples of Totally Avoidable Translation Errors

Have you ever put something into Google Translate before? Sometimes you get what you’re looking for — if it’s just one word or a structurally simple sentence. Try something a little more complex, though, and you end up with something completely wrong. In many instances, these translation fails aren’t just erroneous — they’re hilarious.

Auto-translation software treats language as if it’s an algorithm to deduce and put back together, but no software is ever advanced enough to capture the nuance and true structure of language as a concept. While these programs may help you understand a language at its most basic level, they certainly shouldn’t be used in any business context where accuracy and fluid communication are paramount.

It’s not all serious, though. Sometimes,  business translation fails aren’t necessarily offensive or insulting… they’re just plain funny! Translation fails are something of a hit on social media, and here are a few big ones from 2016 that had the world in stitches.


Acronyms and Common Translation Industry Terms That May Puzzle You

translation-acronymsYou might think that an industry focused on translation to ensure effective communication would avoid using puzzling acronyms, abbreviations, terms and jargon. Nevertheless, the fact is that when you discuss translation industry terms, you’ll encounter all of these — and it can be difficult to figure out what the latest bit of alphabet soup and word salad refers to. This guide for those of you who are not familiar with the jargon used in the translation industry should help you understand them a little better.


Global B2B Marketing: Top 3 Reasons Why Translation is Essential

As companies continually strive to expand into international markets, B2B marketing strategies also need to catch up and adapt. To achieve global success, organizations need to apply an approach that takes into account how different cultures will receive the marketing messages, and translation becomes a critical tool in its implementation.

Here are the top 3 reasons why translation is essential in any global B2B marketing campaign.


Employees of Multinational Translation Company, TransPerfect, Face a “Not-so-Perfect” Future

I am publishing this post as myself, Michael Bastin. The views are mine and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of my partners.

As the owner of BeTranslated, I am naturally interested by all things translation-related. In particular, I’ve been closely following the current turmoil of the American language services company, TransPerfect. In a recent court decision in Delaware (USA), founders Elizabeth Elting and Philip R. Shawe are now required to sell TransPerfect, risking the loss of close to 4,500 jobs worldwide. In Barcelona alone, there are 400 jobs at risk. However, the greatest tragedy of this situation is the reason that forced the hands of the Delaware courts in the first place.