Today, we’re rounding up some translation news from around the web — some serious, some weird, some funny. If you have any interesting recent stories about the world of translation to add, please don’t hesitate to leave a link in the comments!

  • The world is mourning the victims of the brutal terrorist attacks in Paris. Occasion for the Evening Standard to give some background on — and the translation of — the French national anthem, Marseillaise. “Originally written as a marching song, the lyrics can only be described as bloodthirsty.”
  • Remember the elegant luxury suite Bill Murray stayed in in Sofia Coppola’s 2003  movie Lost in Translation? Well, you can stay there, for $550 and up. RocketNews has photos from the Park Hyatt Tokyo. The next time you find yourself lost in Japan, you know where to go.
  • How would you translate Harry Potter’s “pensieve”? Why is Alice in Wonderland’s “Mad Hatter” the “Marble Mason” in Japanese?  The Upcoming gathers a few oddities from the history of literary translation.
  • “Taste the Translation” is by far the funniest translation-related ad we’ve seen in a while. Elan Languages cleverly compares the translations of a sushi recipe by having a real cook prepare — and real people eat — the output from its own service and that of Google Translate. The upshot: Google is less than edible. Watch the video below.

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