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Does your company use a catalog to advertise products or services? If so, is the catalog delivered worldwide or to a variety of international markets? If the answer is yes to both questions, you really should have your catalog translated into the native languages of all of your international markets. You might think it is not worth the time, money or effort involved, but ample evidence shows that issuing catalogs in the native languages of your international markets sells more and builds customer loyalty.

Would you buy a product if you could not read the description or understand what exactly was being sold? It’s likely you would not even understand how to place an order. Your coveted prospects in new lands shouldn’t have to face this, or they won’t become customers.

However, taking the trouble to present your products in their native language will accomplish more than just selling goods – it helps you form a lasting bond that will bring repeat purchases for years to come. Communication is the key, and the only way to communicate in international markets is to have your catalogues translated. Translating into a variety of languages will grow your business rapidly and prove well worth the investment.

Our Catalog Translation Services

catalogue translation services

BeTranslated is here to help with all your translation needs. We can expertly translate your catalogs and other marketing materials and give you the advantage to greatly increase your profitability in international markets. And we provide a level of attentiveness and personalized service that other translation firms just can’t match.

At BeTranslated you can be assured that your catalog will be translated by experienced professionals who will render the content perfectly in the language of your choice, considering all the relevant cultural factors to ensure your message hits the mark. But you won’t have to pay a premium for our high grade of service. Contact us and we will work with you to achieve the results you want from your translated catalogue.

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