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Customers are mainly companies who contact us with a specific requirement. As a rule, they are people or businesses who know the value of time and will not be satisfied with an approximate translation, but who, quite rightly, do not wish to pay an exorbitant price.

As we ourselves are independent, we are fully aware that the professional world needs quick and accurate responses to business inquiries, which is why we pride ourselves on answering as quickly and as precisely as possible.

Here is a ist of just a few of our customers who have granted us permission to disclose their names.

  • Business/Commerce (general)

    Business/Commerce (general) Atout Capital  
    Business/Commerce (general) Vanksen Group Vanksen Group - "Thanks to their promptness and efficiency, BeTranslated quickly became a partner for our translation requirements."
  • Engineering (general)

    Engineering (general) Ampacet Ampacet - “I rely on BeTranslated because it delivers a prompt and effective service. And I have always been satisfied with the results.” Sébastien Verlaine
    Strategic Marketing EMEA
    Engineering (general) Dassault Falcon  
    Engineering (general) Fundamentaal Fundamentaal - French, English and Spanish translations to Dutch
    Engineering (general) Seton Seton - Translation of catalog from French to Dutch, Italian and Spanish.
    Engineering (general) Stantec Stantec - The services received from BeTranslated were of a very high quality, on time and on budget. I would highly recommend their services in translation from English to French. Area Manager, Ottawa
  • Hotels = Tourism

    Hotels = Tourism Office du Tourisme des Bahamas    
  • IT (Information Technology)

    IT (Information Technology) A6t Concept  
    IT (Information Technology) Arrow Electronics Arrow Electronics - Thank you for the really good job and the perfect timing. I will contact you again for other modules translation.
    IT (Information Technology) Copernic Copernic - "Many thanks for the quality of the translations and for the quick and competent service."

    Project Manager, Copernic
    IT (Information Technology) E-Trade2china E-Trade2china - Website translation to Spanish, German, French and Italian
    IT (Information Technology) Hostopia Hostopia - English to German, English to Italian and English to Portuguese translations.
    IT (Information Technology) IDK Multimedia IDK Multimedia - Translation of product packagings in Spanish and Dutch
    IT (Information Technology) IDTech IDTech - Regular translations of user guides and white books from French to English and Dutch.
    IT (Information Technology) Loaded Ink Loaded Ink - Translations from Dutch to English, German, French, and Spanish
    IT (Information Technology) McDean McDean - "Excellent English to French and English to German translations of IT and other technical handbooks and training manuals. Always on time and budget!"
    IT (Information Technology) Native Communications Native Communications - Translations from French to English and Dutch
  • Other

    Other ICF Consulting ICF Consulting - Translation of proposals from English to French about the creation of technology clusters in different parts of the world.

    "I really would like to use you, as I thought both the quality of the translation and your approach to customer service was uniformly excellent."

    Project Manager, ICF Consulting
    Other International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims - "BeTranslated has translated various material for the IRCT Secretariat, most notably manuals for medical and legal professionals and psychologist on the prevention of torture through documentation. BeTranslated was selected over its competitors on the basis of costs versus quality and the IRCT Secretariat has been happy with the quality of BeTranslated’s translations and general high level of service."
    Other The World Bank Group The World Bank Group - Regular translations from English to French of training courses for AIDS/HIV projects in 6 African countries.
    Other UNAIDS UNAIDS - Translation of documents and powerpoint presentations for a world summit on aids from English into French.

    "Thank-you once again for the quick turn-around."
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The advantages of working with independent translators are clear: no costly middlemen, permanent availability, a personal relationship and of course a level of flexibility and responsiveness that no agency can match.

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