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Hangul characters are double-bytes on computer systems, despite the overall simplicity of the alphabet, because each character is treated as a syllable formed by a combination of a consonant and a vowel. Therefore, producing texts for print or publication online involves a regime similar to that applied for Chinese and Japanese, and double-byte enabled software is needed for most output choices.

BeTranslated offers Korean translation services for all varieties of text:

  • Among the sectors in which our business translators specialize are Building/Property and Infrastructure, Tradeshows, Entertainment and Media.

  • Marketing texts at establishing a foothold in the burgeoning Korean/Northeast Asian marketplace.

  • Financial translations using professionals in financial research, corporate and investment banking, markets, and other areas.

  • Technical translations performed by specialists in a variety of fields (automotive engineering, patents, electronics, etc.)

Translation rates for Korean translations

Our rates range from EUR 0.13 (US $0.17) to EUR 0.17 (US $0.23) per source word, according to the following factors:

  • Specificity of the text – if a translator has to perform a lot of research, the translation logically takes more time.
  • Total word count.
  • Requested deadline – if we have to work overnight or during weekends, there is a 50% increase over the basic rate.
  • Format of the document – the best-fit format for translation purposes is a word processing format (for instance, MS Word-compliant) or html.

As is evident, a number of factors influence the price of a translation. That is the reason that we ask you to send us all files that require translation as soon as possible, so that we can provide you with an exact quote, based on all the factors mentioned above.

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