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Marketing and advertising involve highly creative and nuanced communication. It is difficult enough to get the message right in your native tongue. You’ve imagined trying to not only translate the language, but also bridge the cultural gaps you’re sure to find overseas.

What if your new marketing slogan runs afoul of some regional custom or expression in your most desired market? You could wind up being a laughing-stock foreigner (as some notable Fortune 500’s have), or worse, cause great offense in those you’re trying hardest to court.

You could rightfully enter a marketing translation project with great fear and trepidation, unless you know that the people on the other side of the table have successfully achieved exactly what you’re aiming for in that market.

And this is who you’ll find at BeTranslated. Marketing professionals and corporate communication gurus who not only live the culture and speak the language of your target nation, but who speak your language, and can put your international expansion on track.

We can assign in-country specialists to translate your press releases, brochures, print and broadcast ads, and other promotional material, complete with culturally correct artwork and production.

Marketing translation services

Our marketing translators will help you get the message across in the best local-to-national magazines for your article and feature placements, and help book you into the best trade shows. When you secure those critical meetings with decision makers, they’ll ensure that your PowerPoint slides and multimedia are 100 percent professional and on target.

So why gamble with pretenders when there’s so much at stake?  Contact BeTranslated today about launching your marketing campaign.

Our speciality areas of translation include

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