6 Skills All High-Level Localization Executives Should Have

Dec 2, 2019 | Business Tips, Careers


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As experts in corporate translation and localization, BeTranslated understands that having the right people in the right positions can help businesses boom.

Whether you want to hire a top executive to move your business forward or if you are an aspiring C-level exec yourself, it is important to know the key skills that a person in this position needs.

A C-Level executive is a high-ranking corporate position that involves making some of the most important decisions on behalf of a business. C-level executives include a CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Finance Officer), and COO (Chief Operating Officer).

With C-level executive skills being some of the most sought-after in the workplace today, it is essential to know what these specific skills are. Keep reading to find out.

Leadership Skills Are Vital

Of course, number one on the list has to be great leadership qualities. How can one be expected to make vital decisions and guide employees if they are not a leader? In fact, companies have stated that they rate leadership skills ahead of technical ones when it comes to hiring C-level localization executives.

Companies also want a leader that has vision. They need to be able to look forward and strategize for the future, as well as dealing with issues in the present.

A Tech-Savvy Exec Can Take a Business to New Heights

In today’s ever-evolving society and more specifically, workplaces, a business needs to have C-level executives that are au fait with all the latest and most innovative technologies in their field. In the translation industry, for example, this may be having knowledge of new or updated CAT tools (computer-assisted translation) or translation memories.

Even more importantly, a C-level executive should be able to identify how technology can be utilized to benefit the business and find ways to exploit this technology.

Businesses Flourish With Team-Orientated CEOs

You may remember the days when a CEO’s office was off-limits; you had to wait to be called in, if you ever were, and would never take the initiative to go and speak to them without being summoned.

Thankfully, paradigms have shifted since then, and companies should look for C-level executives that are approachable and actively involved in their teams. They are actually more interested in individuals who put the development of their employees ahead of their own career aspirations.

If you need guidance in choosing the right top executive for your business, then why not enlist the help of an external firm who can carry out a thorough executive assessment for you? This will ensure that the person you hire is team-orientated.

Communicative Leaders Influence Those Around Them

As well as being able to effectively communicate with their employees, C-level executives should also be confident and adept at presenting to board members, potential clients, the media, and even industry regulators.

C-level executives should be able to communicate:

  • Knowledgeably
  • In a friendly manner
  • Persuasively
  • Using excellent presentation skills

Self-Awareness: Know Your Faults and Learn From Them

Nobody is perfect, not even C-level executives, though many try to pretend that they are. However, the best C-level executives are able to recognize and own up to their faults, making themselves more approachable to lower-level execs.

Self-awareness is also important for personal growth; learning from your mistakes and weaknesses means acknowledging them.

See the Bigger Picture and Strive to Make It Happen

If you want your corporation to grow, then you need a C-level executive who is ready to push your business forward; by developing a new product or service, expanding your business abroad, or seeking a new supplier that could save you money or streamline the production process. In a nutshell, you want someone who will always be striving to improve and diversify your business.

Translation plays a key role in developing businesses globally, and quality translation and localization can mean the difference between failure and success. That’s why it’s essential to contract a specialized translation agency liked BeTranslated. Contact us today for more information or to get a quote.