Why Should You Entrust Your Financial Translations From English to French to a Professional

English French translation servicesand how should you select the right one?

As globalization continues to make great strides, the financial sector increasingly resorts to premium translations in order to inform international stakeholders about the performance of their investment.

It is crucial for Financial businesses to realize the importance of collaborating in a close relationship with a specialized translator. This is especially true in the realm of businesses which operate in English and French-speaking countries. First, as a technical field, finance heavily relies on complex jargon and abstract frameworks which are only truly understood by a handful of practitioners. In addition, cultural and regulatory idiosyncrasies are highly significant and should adequately be accounted for when translating from English to French. (more…)

Gain Flexibility by Becoming a Freelance Translator

Through offering a specialized skill, the average translator earns over €28,000 when working for a company. However, as a freelancer, the earning potential is often higher with 60% of those who quit their job to freelance earning more as a result. The main benefit of freelancing, however, is the flexibility it offers. This leads to increased income by allowing you to work when you feel most productive. It also leads to a more balanced life, as you strip away office politics and commutes for the comfort of working from home. Here are some advantages to becoming self-employed while you offer translation services to different organizations. (more…)

NGOs Need Translators: How to Choose a Partner Wisely

Translators for NGONon-governmental organizations (NGOs) and translation go hand in hand, as specialized knowledge needs to be shared between partners in order to carry out transformative work, in the fields of sustainable development, disaster relief and even inside local organizations with multicultural contexts.

If I asked who your key stakeholders were, you might mention your board of directors, funding institutions, donors, and beneficiaries. Having worked inside an NGO and as a translator for NGOs, I want to demonstrate why your translator could be one of your key partners and how to help this relationship thrive, increasing the impact of the vital work you do. (more…)

Translation Guest Bloggers Welcome

Write For Our Translation Company: Guest Bloggers Wanted

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