Freestyle Freelancing – Professionals Without Borders

freelance freestyling

It’s a beautiful spring day, your windows are open and you are listening to the news while you type away on your laptop. You take a break to walk the dog and enjoy the outdoors, run out to get groceries then sit back down to pick up where you left off.

No, it’s not the weekend, it’s a typical day in the life of a professional freelancer. It’s a life without walls or borders.  An office without co-workers or cubicles, without long commutes through rush hour traffic, without any borders and definitely without 8 to 5 workdays. A freelance lifestyle revolves around project deadlines and more importantly around your LIFE. (more…)

BeTranslated USA Office in Charlotte, NC

Our USA Branch of BeTranslated is located in Charlotte, NC just south of the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. This Eastern state of the United States is a hub of business and military activity for the US and operates on Eastern Standard Time.

Our US-based team serves US and International Customers including government contractors and businesses. We handle translations in most languages but more specifically to and from American English. We are also equipped to handle transcriptions of videos, English to English editing & proofing as well as copy-writing. (more…)