Why promotional material can help market your company

promotional material translation

The only way a business can flourish is through advertising and marketing. Even products from popular household names like Apple, Microsoft, and Ford are still being marketed to make sure people of all age groups are familiar with them. As well as overt advertising campaigns, corporations use promotional material for a more subtle reminder of their presence to potential and previous customers.  (more…)

Use translation to expand the reach of your E-learning courses

New methods of online learning are at the heart of the education and training challenges of the 21st century. Many educational platforms now offer online distance learning courses and, by having course content translated into different languages, they make sure that as many students as possible around the globe have access to training programs. Let’s take a closer look. (more…)

7 ways to build up your translation agency

Translation services are essential businesses that allow clients to understand documents in different languages, and many freelancers and sole traders consider setting up their own translation company. However, once you have opened your agency, what comes next? Read on to find out the best ways to build on your business’s clientele, profits, and expertise. (more…)

Professional environmental study translation: stay one step ahead

environmental translation

Environmental impact assessments are now essential in the implementation of the principles of sustainable development and can minimize the effect of building projects on living spaces. Our online translation agency has the experience and expertise to achieve the best translations of environmental studies that experts in the field of management and evaluation of natural environments are looking for. (more…)