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Email marketing is a result-driven powerful marketing tool for both B2B and B2C marketers. Helping businesses generate quality leads and drive better customer engagement cost-effectively, email marketing has become a popular choice for many professionals.

With every passing year, the trends and the best practices for successful email campaigns keep on undergoing transformation and change. Here is the list of the four email marketing best practices that marketers must look out for in 2019:

  • Multilingual Email Translation for Segmented Audience
  • Segment Your Email List
  • Send Emails at the Right Time
  • Test Before You Send

Multilingual email translation for segmented audience

Email campaigns are created for the audience to understand and take action in response like make a purchase, avail services, and so. However, what if the targeted email receiver doesn’t understand your email message? Then your messages go unheard, and all your efforts go in vain.

It happens because your email database may have contacts of subscribers from different countries with different culture and language. If your targeted emails are not in the native language, there are chances that your audience may not be able to read your messages. That is when comes the need to remove language barriers by incorporating multilingual capabilities to your email campaign. This eliminates any miscommunication between you and your subscriber, allowing your subscriber to translate your email content into their native language.

Using multilingual messaging capabilities in your email marketing campaigns, subscribers can better understand your products and services. A well-informed customer is most likely to make a purchase, which is good for your business. There are many software and tools available that can help in email translation to help your audience.

Segment your email list

To segment your email list you can use email finder software. There are various demographics based on which you can segment your email addresses list. This helps to target and craft emails according to specific customer group as each customer has unique and varied needs compared to the others. So, segment your list based on location, job title, specialization, and other important data fields. A well-segmented list will help your drive better email engagement and yield desired sales leads from every email sent.

Send emails at the right time

Along with your email campaign content and the email address in which you are going to send the message, what is equally important is the email timings.  The click-through rate, open rate, and engagement of your campaigns depend on when and on which day you are sending emails to clients. According to HubSpot’s findings – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to send emails for maximum open rate.

Test before you send

Testing the performance of your email marketing campaigns is a must part of your marketing journey. You must send a test email to yourself first before sending them to customers to know where you need to improve. This will help you find out any errors like spelling mistakes, unresponsive design, and more. Also, you can check whether all links attached are working, images are displaying fine and how both your desktop and mobile formats are coming up.

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