BeTranslated Continues to Provide Translation Services During the Pandemic

Translation services during pandemic

Already responsible for thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of infected individuals, the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, poses a devastating risk on the world economy. Nevertheless, BeTranslated continues to offer its translation services at the height of the crisis thanks to our 100% decentralized network system.

According to specialists, we are only at the beginning of the pandemic, and companies in all sectors – automobile, aeronautics, tourism, and so many others – are already planning almost unprecedented waves of layoffs. Only the subprime crisis of 2008 managed to shake the foundations of our economic system in this way, revealing its weaknesses and leaving tens of thousands in a precarious financial situation lasting for years.

While it is obvious that many lessons will have to be learned from the terrible health crisis we are experiencing, the most urgent issues are containing the spread of the virus and, economically, to do some damage control and avoid making the mistakes of the past by granting special subsidies to companies and freelancers.

It remains to be seen how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last but the economic fallout is likely to be felt well after the pandemic itself ceases. But let’s take one step at a time.

To get out of this situation, many companies have turned their focus to teleworking, which is the only way their work can be done within the restrictions of social distancing. Having never considered this option before, most of them have found themselves caught off guard, struggling with questions like how to hold meetings when the participants cannot leave their homes. Or how to communicate efficiently, and professionally, with clients.

At Betranslated, we have adopted this remote working method since day one, almost 20 years ago. It has provided us with greater flexibility and allowed us to respond to our international customers regardless of timezone.

Operating within a network based around a few national branches, themselves virtual, our translators work remotely from wherever suits them best. Remote translation immediately seemed to us to be the most appropriate and effective modus operandi in our new globalized world.

This efficient system allows us to continue to work safely and to guarantee the same standard of service, despite the current need for social distancing. Anxious not to spread the virus, our professional translators and project managers remain at home where they are working hard to provide companies with their translations in record time. Some agencies will find it difficult to organize themselves in these conditions, but for BeTranslated is taking it in its stride, and the work is not suffering.

Our multilingual translation services are aimed at companies that have decided to continue their activity in these difficult times but are also invaluable for PR agencies wishing to communicate an emergency related to COVID-19. As such we are currently receiving many press releases to be translated into English, German, or other European languages, in an emergency. And our linguists are handling the requests expertly.

At the same time, we are working with several companies who are already preparing to promote their products, services or projects for next winter, in order to be ready when the situation settles down.

In short, during the crisis, BeTranslated remains open. Our remote network of professionals established almost 20 years ago allows us to respond expertly to any request.

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