Top Advantages of Bluetooth Translation Devices

Nov 13, 2018 | Translation

bluetooth translation

Do you know what a Bluetooth Translator is?

Bluetooth translation devices have only been on the market for the past couple of years. They come in the form of earpieces or headphones that work in much the same way as regular ones.

These small ear buds fit in your ears and can convert your speech from your spoken language. It translates what you say and repeats it back to in your chosen foreign language, in real time.

Do you know how a Bluetooth translator works?

It works by syncing with an app on your phone and uses pretty much the exact method that a standard Bluetooth device does. As you talk in your native language, the device will translate it back to you in the foreign language that you select in the app. You can also use these small buds with a companion if you are both wearing the device.

This will enable two people to converse back and forth despite being from different countries, and for communication to flow regardless of not having a common language between them. It could also extend to three people taking in three different languages.

The great benefits of a Bluetooth translation device

It is the ideal gadget to take on holiday with you and could prove to be very valuable if travelling to distant countries that are a bit further afield and off the beaten track. When there is no one around to help you translate, and you don’t know the local language, this thrifty little ear buds could save the day.

And what a joy not to have to pack up a translation book or dictionary that adds weight to your luggage, this device is not only light but small and will take up barely any luggage space.

How could a Bluetooth translator device help you?

This can help you in a number of ways such as in communicating with locals, when buying your shopping, in a taxi, asking for direction or ordering your food in a restaurant, for example.

There is also the benefit of forging bonds with people, who often can only be done through verbal communication. This small effort can help you build respect and form new relationships. Maybe even ignite some romance!

What’s more, while you’re using it, it will naturally be assisting and helping you learn a new language at the same time.

These translation aids may not be completely accurate, but they do a good enough job for causal communication. I am sure through using these, the people on the receiving end of your efforts will be impressed and very forgiving for any mistakes.

They are also bound to be appreciative of your attempts to talk to them in their language.

Where this type of translation falls down

So as you will have gathered this is some fabulous relatively new technology, yet while being very impressive and seemingly advanced, it is still at its initial and somewhat early stages.

They are improving rapidly, but they couldn’t and shouldn’t be relied upon for any professional translations. For accuracy and effective delivery, all your business translations should always be completed by an experienced professional translation agency like BeTranslated.