Boost Your Business with a Translated Company Newspaper

First impressions really do count – especially in translation

With more companies specializing in low cost digital printing quality, it has never been easier to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Any text that represents your business should also represent its philosophy. If your business is about providing quality, your multilingual communications should not be an exception.

In addition to creating an impeccable design, it is vital that your printed documents also display a coherent text. If this text is to be presented to multiple nationalities, it should be carefully translated by a language professional.

Be it billboards, flyers, inflatable balloons, business cards, banners, coasters or your own newspaper do not let your company be represented by a poor translation, risking your reputation and putting your business at stake.

The best approach to targeting a foreign audience

When targeting a foreign audience it’s important to realize that presenting your offer accurately can make or break your success. Making an error in your marketing not only looks unprofessional but also sends a message to your customer about the sort of service and product they can expect from your business.

Nowadays there is no excuse for communicating poorly in a foreign language. Through enlisting the services of a professional translation agency you can connect with and conquer new foreign markets effectively and seamlessly.

Employ a professional human translator for the best results

Employing a human translator native to your target country ensures optimal connection with your audience, with notable returns in terms of notoriety, visits to your website and sales. The results will also be seen in increased web traffic and your rate of return customers.

How printing your own company newspaper can work for you

Printing your own company newspaper can be a strong marketing tactic and translating it to broaden your market reach genius. However, making mistakes in print, signs, or flyers or having a poorly written business card, will make a negative impact, saying a lot about the quality of your brand.

Although it may be tempting, using an automatic translator will not serve your company well and can result in the loss of hard-earned customers. In saving a few Euros on the translation of your media material or the writing of your advertising message, you get the quality you pay for. This can be more detrimental to your success than you may think.

However, it has never been easier to recruit a quality advertising team, to gain more customers and stay a step ahead of the competition.

Printed communication is a concrete method that leave an indelible mark in the minds of potential customers and, as they are circulated by hand, they are available at any time.

A clear, structured and well-printed prospectus is the best way to represent your company. It is imperative that it makes a good impression on a customer who has not previously heard about your offer. The first impression is always the most important.

Translated mishaps happen

You can try opening a restaurant abroad, with an enticing menu presented in several languages. If you decide to do this without a translation company you risk all types of mistakes. You could end up with a result looking like this: translation mistakes

As the saying goes, “if you think that a good translation costs too much, you couldn’t begin to imagine how much a bad translation will cost you.”

All translation in any form is a communication medium, may it be a presentation, business cards, an advertising brochure or newspaper. These will boost your company’s presence in new markets and bring an increase in your return on investment.

Maximize your potential with quality digital printing and a professionally executed translation.