How your business can use technology to streamline recruitment

streamline recruitment

There are few areas of business that haven’t been streamlined and improved by technology in recent years. Everything from administration to marketing has become significantly easier because we have technological tools that enable us to do more with less. When it comes to streamlining your recruitment process, technology can help you in a number of different ways. (more…)

How to write perfect job descriptions in foreign languages to hire the best candidates abroad

Perfect foreign language job descriptions to reach top international candidates

Foreign-born candidates are rapidly taking over the U.S. job market. Candidates with coming from another country often bring the benefit of being bilingual, increased perspective on foreign cultures and markets, fresh ideas, alternative points of view… It’s time to diversify your work force!

To reach potential future employees coming from foreign countries, it is crucial to post job descriptions in a wide variety of languages to read the widest possible audience. But how can you rest assured that you are representing your company well in your target language? BeTranslated takes a closer look… (more…)

Schools & universities for translation and interpreting studies

translation universities

BeTranslated has been compiling this list of universities and schools offering translation degrees since 2002. This list contains translation schools and universities throughout the world which have a website. These institutions mostly provide full degrees while some have shorter translation courses. If you represent an institution or know of an institution which is not on this list, feel free to send your suggestion to:

Please note that we are not related to these institutions in any way. Do not contact us for information about any of these universities.


How to refresh your translation career

Fall always brings memories of “back to school”, or even “back to business”. Summer vacations over, now it’s time to get back to work. Put the pedal to the metal. Get the nose to the grindstone. Refresh your translation career. But how? (more…)