How Czech Translation Helps Expats Start a New Life

Czech translation for expats

Moving to a new country is one of the most exciting things a person can do and something many of us only dream of. There are around nine million Americans living overseas, with many of them opting to settle in Europe. The Czech Republic, for example, has recently gained popularity with American expats, who fall for the stunning castles, delicious beer, and low cost of living.

As the native language of the Czech Republic, Czech is not commonly studied around the world, translation plays a vital role in the lives of new immigrants. For Americans moving to the Czech Republic, Czech to English translation is a lifeline that allows them to settle into a new way of life before they gain proficiency in the local language. We’re going to take a look at some of the areas where translation is most helpful in lives of expats.

Don’t let official documents become a headache

From the moment we’re born our existence is documented with a birth certificate and every important change along the way, from marriage to education, is marked with further official documents. However, if we choose to move abroad, some of these documents may lose their validity without translation. The exact documents you will need to have translated will depend on the country you move to and what you do when you’re there, but could include the following:

  • Birth, marriage, and divorce certificates
  • Educational documents such as diplomas and transcripts
  • Medical records and vaccination histories
  • Driver’s license
  • Criminal record checks

As well as verifying which documents you need to have translated, you should educate yourself about the rules for official translation in your new country when hiring a professional translation service. In Australia, for example, translators must be accredited by the NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) to take on official document translation.

Making a home for yourself

Finding a home to settle in is paramount for any expat moving to a new country, and they often rely on the translation of real estate websites and brochures to start their search. Whether you decide to take the plunge and buy a place, or prefer to rent there’s a whole lot of documentation to deal with. In addition to your personal documents, which we discussed in the previous section, you may require translation of property-specific files such as:

  • Contracts
  • Home appraisals
  • Mortgage surveys
  • Leasing agreements
  • Housing deeds
  • Property management/development documents

In addition to the translation of contracts, surveys, and other documents related to home-owning or renting, you may wish to hire a professional translation service to help with any written communication between yourself and the real estate agents or solicitors (such as emails) or an interpreter for in-person or telephone meetings. Make sure that you hire specialist legal translators for the translation of any legal documents.

Always double-check the rules

It’s essential that you research the particular rules and regulations for home-owning or renting in your new country. In the Czech Republic, there are several restrictions applicable to non-nationals. For example, Non-EU citizens without a resident permit for the Czech Republic (or another EU country) are not permitted to purchase a property. And, while foreigners can live in private rented accommodation, they are not eligible for the rent-controlled homes offered by the municipalities.

The Czech Republic is not the only country with different rules for foreign and local buyers. In Thailand, for example, non-nationals not allowed to buy land and can only purchase condos or apartments if foreign ownership in the building’s units doesn’t exceed 40%. Always do your research and use professional translation to ensure you’re clued up about your rights.

Navigating the working world as an expat

Unless you’re moving after retirement, you’re probably planning to work in your new country and, as previously mentioned, may need to have your educational diplomas and resume translated. Many expats decide to set up their own business, a task that comes with a multitude of complications. From signing a lease on a work premise and hiring local employees to understanding your tax obligations, you’ll need experienced, specialized translators at every step of the way.

Once your business is up and running, professional translators can help make sure your website, social media, and marketing material are translated and localized to the highest standards. This will give your business, and your new life abroad, a much better chance of success

Translation improves expat life

In addition to being a lifeline for expats grappling with the complications of a new legal system, translation makes living in a new country a much more pleasant experience in ways both large and small. While we encourage anyone moving to a new country to learn the native language, this endeavor takes a while and, in the meantime, translation can help you enjoy your new home! From the menus in your favorite new restaurant to the brochures and audio guides found in museums and galleries, translation sure is helpful!

Are you an expat looking for a trustworthy translation agency to help you buy a new home or start a new business? Whatever your translation needs or language combination, BeTranslated’s talented translators have got you covered. Get in touch today for more information or a free, no-obligation quote.