A Guide to Developers’ Relocation

developers' relocation

Finding a good specialist is never easy. That is why many companies are now expanding their search to other countries by offering candidates a relocation option. It is a great way of finding the top talent and getting great results out of their performance. It is no secret that developers’ relocation occurs quite often due to the popularity of the profession. Let’s look a little closer at the details of such a process.

How Popular Is Developers’ Relocation?

Years ago, developers’ relocation was not a particularly viable option and most companies tended to hire locally. That often resulted in many complications. For example, if you needed a React developer and there were no such specialists in town, you would just have to wait for new candidates to show up. However, times have changed and now not only are employers offering this option to potential candidates, but they’re also expanding relocation opportunities for their existing employees.

Mobility became one of the major factors for many jobseekers while looking for a new position. This is especially relevant for software developers and other IT specialists, as often their financial compensation allows them to work from any part of the world.

Main Reasons for Developers’ Relocation

While there can be plenty of options for the relocation, one of the major ones is still career development. That is why over 20% of employees have made the decision to leave a position after being denied relocation. In today’s world, developers’ relocation offers flexibility; jobseekers can focus more on their personal brand and develop their careers in a way that would suit their needs.

Another reason why a dedicated React JS Developer might want to relocate is the React Developer salary. For example, a React Front-End Developer in Poland has an annual wage of around $20,000 whereas the same kind of specialist in Canada would earn approximately $80,000 a year. While both these jobs require approximately the same amount of skill, the financial reward can vary. As you can see, it is completely understandable for developers to be demanding relocation at some point in their career.

Finally, many React Web Development Specialists consider a job relocation as a chance to change their social environment. Making new friends and getting new experiences is always fun, so the chance to keep your job while having all that is always a great option.

Things to Consider Before the Relocation

Despite the benefits, it is important to understand that the process of developers’ relocation is not the easiest one and lots of factors need to be considered. Some of them should be taken care of by the company and are included in the relocation package, while some are the responsibility of the developer. Some of these factors include:

  • Visa coverage: Relocation to most countries requires getting a work visa. That also includes plenty of paperwork that companies often give assistance with. It is also common practice that the employer covers the taxes.
  • Flight tickers: One-way plane tickets for the employee or even their whole family are to be covered by the company.
  • Language courses: For better adaptation, some companies provide their relocated developers with language courses.
  • Assistance with finding accommodation: In some cases, a company might offer to partially pay for a rental home until permanent accommodation is found.
  • Tips and advice: An employer might give assistance with consulting the relocated developer about any additional taxes they might need to pay, insurance, bank account opening, etc.

Documents That Need to Be Translated Before Relocation

Moving to another country, even for work purposes, requires a huge amount of planning, including the preparation of many documents, translated by a certified specialist. A typical list of such documents includes the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Divorce papers (if applicable)
  • Police records
  • Education diploma

At some companies, the translation fees for these documents might be covered as a part of the relocation package. It’s essential to ensure that you work with the right translation service provider whose translators are experienced and qualified. Keep in mind that documents such as patents may require sworn translation. This means that the translator should have made an oath in the court of law.

Final Thoughts

Developers’ relocation is a somewhat complicated process, some would even say that it is easier to hire a freelance React Developer who has read the React JS guide. Despite all the difficulties, this procedure allows you to find a perfect match for the project, a specialist that will be a great fit for your team, regardless of their initial location.

It is crucial that the employer and the developer who will be relocated agree on the terms of this procedure. However, some companies are more than willing to offer their assistance to a newly hired employee during the process of their relocation.

If your company is intending to take on newly relocated employees, a high-quality translation agency like BeTranslated can assist the translation of international documents. Whatever the language combination, such as English to Chinese, we have the right translator for you. For more information or a free, no-obligation quote.