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Environmental impact assessments are now essential in the implementation of the principles of sustainable development and can minimize the effect of building projects on living spaces. Our online translation agency has the experience and expertise to achieve the best translations of environmental studies that experts in the field of management and evaluation of natural environments are looking for.

Translation of environmental impact studies: a major challenge to ensure the preservation of natural environments

As you will be aware, environmental concerns have taken center stage in recent years. The fight against global warming and greenhouse gas emissions is the topic on everyone’s lips, while the minority continue to bury their heads in the sand or deny the alarming reality.

As movements are organized (such as students inspired by Greta Thunberg or environmental associations), it is essential that the entrepreneurial world does not remain passive in the face of the decline and destruction of our natural resources and spaces.

In order to cope with the threat of ecological collapse that is spreading throughout our world, many companies want to know the impact of building a new factory, plant or other installation would have on the natural environment that surrounds it. This knowledge allows steps to be taken to reduce the negative impact of said project.

Professional translation of environmental impact studies guarantees effective communication across borders

Environmental specialists, along with government authorities, are responsible for drawing up the necessary applications for the authorization of any field operations.

These environmental impact studies are required in order to obtain building permits and assess the potential impact of the construction projects (e.g. factories, offices, sewer systems, sewage treatment plants, housing projects or oil rigs) on the habitats of humans, wildlife, flora and fauna, and marine life.

The drafting of this environmental impact assessment requires multidisciplinary teams

This type of project requires teams specialized in fields as diverse as transport, geology, biology, chemistry, zoology, and experts in marine, urban, agricultural, and eco-Forestry environmental standards. Plant engineering, cartography and the identification of the natural high watermark are some of the many areas where questions arise when studying the impact of future developments on the environment.

Because of this, it is crucial that the professional language service that carries out the French-English translation of the environmental study (or other language combination) know the ins and outs of this type of impact assessment and are experienced in their translation.

Our translators use their knowledge acquired through the translation of numerous environmental impact studies

BeTranslated’s language professionals have extensive knowledge of a wide array of fields, many of which coincide with the numerous areas related to environmental studies.

Our considerable experience in building engineering with industry professionals such as the giant Stantec has enabled us to create a particularly comprehensive database in the area of projects related to impact assessments. In our 18 years of existence, we have had the opportunity to translate environmental studies of projects such as the construction of a Northern Canadian pipeline or offshore oil platforms.

The translators at BeTranslated have a combination of scientific and environmental expertise that enables them to deal with any type of impact assessment study. They keep in regular contact with the client in order to best render the subtleties of the original text and obtain an impeccable environmental impact assessment in the target language.

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