GolemDo you know what a dreadnought is? A golem? A scimitar? You’re probably a man. How about mascarpone, taupe, or progesterone? Chances are you have two x chromosomes.

It may sound like a cliche, but as it turns out, some stereotypes appear to have their source in reality: according to the first 500,000 results of Ghent University’s online vocabulary test, men are more likely to know words related to science and the military (such as biped, claymore, or codec), while women say they recognize many more words about fashion and flowers (peony, bodice, wisteria).

We can’t say we’re exactly surprised by these results, but they led to an interesting discussion on reddit nonetheless, where users wondered about the socioeconomic context and the true meaning of “decoupage.”

Here at BeTranslated, we think a few more female video gamers or male interior decorators should take the test and even the score…