hire technical translator


In an increasingly globalized business world, most companies operating in different countries need a technical translator who will allow them to reach their target foreign market. Accurate translations are key for maintaining a good company reputation and boosting sales in a foreign market. While an accurate translation should be the foundation, it is important to strike a balance between accurate industry-specific terminology and the creative element, as a readable, engaging translation also helps to increase a company’s market share.

However, technical translation ability and creative marketing skills do not always go hand in hand although industry events and exhibitions would really benefit from this partnership. These types of events partner with event organizers such as Expocart.com who ensure the appealing look of their pop-up display stands attract potential customers.

Factors to consider when hiring a technical translator

Specialist businesses should ensure that they select a technical translator who fits perfectly with their company and should bear the following factors in mind to achieve this:

Knowledge of the relevant subject

The right technical translator will have a deep understanding of the subject matter. This means that the translation agency can offer solutions that are tailor-made to the client’s needs.

Credentials of the technical translation agency

Clients should make sure they do some research before selecting a translator. Ask about their background and qualifications and make inquiries among their network for references and recommendations.

Multilingual and cross-culture background

The most suitable technical translation agency will have highly skilled employees who can offer a variety of linguistic skills and have different cultural backgrounds.

Proficient technological skills

There are a number of different pieces of translation software now and translation agencies and their translators should be comfortable with using them. They should also be knowledgeable or curious about the latest technology on offer in the translation industry. These aspects come together to ensure an accurate translation of the subject matter.

Ability to handle any type of file

Different types of file formats come with different types of challenges, whether it is a pdf, jpg, doc, or PowerPoint, and the client should select a language service provider who can deal with any type of document.

Advantages of a technical translator for your business

When translating documents like user manuals for machinery or tools, translators should pay careful attention that all the steps are translated fully. This will prevent any potential misinterpretations from occurring, meaning customers can use manuals confidently and avoid any dangerous accidents.

No project delays

To do business in a foreign country, governments may need companies to have any relevant documentation translated into the local language. If a business is unable to fulfill this requirement, it might be denied business permits, and with that comes the potential for incurring losses from delays, fines or even being refused permission to set up a business in the first place.

Numerous languages under one roof

Translation agencies recruit language experts. One of the most important aspects is that each employee will have different linguistic and technical skills to offer the company and which the client can then benefit from.

Editing of the draft without extra cost

A translation agency will provide additional benefits like proofreading and formatting translated documents before the client receives the final translated document. The translation a client receives has been double-checked by a second language expert before delivery. In case of an error, the document is edited at no extra cost.

Another possibility is for a company to hire a creative marketing translator to make a text really pop and stand out from the competition. A marketing translator will be experienced in translating for brochures, pop-up stands, stickers, posters, and many more so can draw on that experience to give copy the creative flair needed.


So, in summary, hiring an experienced technical translator can do wonders for a company’s overseas profile. Initial research and good communication are vital so both the client and the translation agency understand what is expected from the relationship. The client could also consider ensuring that creative flair is given equal importance as technical accuracy and bear this in mind when choosing and collaborating with a language service provider.

Accurately translated documents will ensure that the company meets the legal requirements of the country where it is setting up business. It will also provide peace of mind and safety for customers using manuals for tools or machinery. These are all elements a company must think about when expanding into new markets if it wants to maintain its good reputation in its industry. A professional translation agency will be able to handle technical and marketing documents of all kinds so your business can make a splash abroad. Get in touch for more information or for a quote.