online gambling translations
Imagine sitting down to enjoy a foreign film, only to discover that just the first half is subtitled. Disappointed, you head off to the supermarket for a bar of chocolate, befuddled to find the assortments labeled only in Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese. You go home empty-handed and hop on your iPad to download a new game, but when it installs, the directions don’t match the game.

As a customer, you are left far from satisfied, and as any of these products’ business owners, you’re financially doomed. In a successful business model (and perfect world), the entire customer experience needs to be seamless, satisfactory and above all, accessible in your own language.

Online gaming is catching on to this as of late. In September, Casino Tropez wowed the online gaming scene with its decision to translate its entertainment into Arabic. To ensure a full satisfactory customer experience, it is also offering support services in Arabic. Many other online gaming sites fall short of this, leaving players frustrated and looking elsewhere.

Now imagine wheeling and dealing in an online casino. You’re getting good customer service in your language, you gamble with confidence, you get lucky and win a boatload of money – only to realize that you’re unable to claim it because of language barriers in the payment systems. This is what is happening in East Asia, where some of the online gaming market’s biggest potential clientele is living.

As strongly argued in a post on the Gambling Online blog, if businesses want to break into the enormous East Asian market, the entire customer experience needs to be seamless. And a seamless experience is only possible with quality translation.

The blogger specifically laments the lack of easy online or direct ATM pay-out options that protect the identity of the players. Companies specializing in these options such as EcoCard, ecoPayz, Pay Spark and Pay 2 would be wise to get a bigger piece of the online gaming industry by offering their services in Korean and Chinese, for example.

And considering the annual profits from online gaming, any business serving this industry and looking to make a small fortune better ensure top quality translations of their products, advertisements and services. According to Statista, the online gambling market is expected to grow from the 2017 market capitalization of ($45.8 billion) to the 2024 market capitalization of $94.4 billion. This indicates a virtual doubling of the current market size within the next 5 years.