French to US English translatorName:  Nancy

Born in: California

Education: B.A. International Relations with graduate work in International Business Law

Lives in:  Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Languages:  English, French

Areas of special expertise: Aerospace, Manufacturing, Standard Technical English, Intl. Development & Aid, Politics, Medical & Scientific Research, Websites, Marketing and Copywriting.

Who are some clients you have worked for? As business professional I have worked with Airbus Industrie, Latecoere, CNES French Space Agency, Alcatel Espace, Thomson CSF, Omron, Messier Bugatti (SNECMA/SAFRON), Boeing, Various Airlines, Durobag Manufacturing, Perseco (McDonalds), Hallmark, US Airways/American Airlines.  As a translator, I currently work for translation agencies around the world such as BeTranslated, international airframers (OEMs) and US Government contractors.

Favorite thing about being a translator:  Being a translator has afforded me a very unique lifestyle. I can work from anywhere in the world and have an extremely flexible schedule.  Being able to put a lifetime of experience working both in the US and abroad for cutting edge companies to work for my translation customers is truly rewarding.

Least favorite thing about being a translator:  Sometimes the time it takes to produce a translation I can sign off on is longer than I care to admit.  I’m meticulous and I put in as much time as I need to in order to get a translation just right.  The “artist” in me can sometimes be demanding and I would say that is my least favorite thing about being a translator.

What I like to do in my spare time:  I’m blessed with a great deal of free time and enjoy exploring my city with my friends and colleagues, traveling, outdoor activities at our local whitewater rafting center (canoeing, zip-lining), snorkeling at my favorite beaches or simply walking the trails with my beautiful husky companion “Milou”. I also fly for a local airline as part of their flight crew when I am not translating and like being a part of the team of safety professionals that keep passengers safe and comfortable as they travel around the world.

Most exciting thing I’ve ever done: I learned to sail a 2-person Hobie Cat catamaran in Lacanau, France – We literally flew across the water at breakneck speeds while “trapezing” off the side of the catamaran … spectacular!

Favorite places in the world: The countryside surrounding Toulouse in southern France, an old hotel in Nassau (Bahamas), a traditional Japanese Ryokan inn overlooking the Pacific near Tokyo, and the golden Sierra Nevada mountains of California where I grew up.

Favorite words in the languages you speak: There are so many words I love in French, but my favorites are coquelicots (poppies), papillons (butterflies), bisous (kisses) and écureuil (squirrel), my nickname when I lived in France.