Top Freelance Websites to Further Your Business

Nov 15, 2018 | Translation

In the 21st Century, technology has an effect on every part of our professional life. Gone are the days people used to go to work on a daily basis and laze about at home on their day offs.

Today, the freelancing sector has been on the rise, especially in the field of professional translation.

Freelancing means work or tasks that can be done remotely from the comfort of your home, with not being necessarily affiliated to a particular company.

Source: DigitalNovas

The best thing about freelancing is that you can attach yourself to more than one place of work and serve many clients you don’t even know.

To please a range of clients with different needs, there are freelance sites that deal with various fields such as editing, article writing, proofreading, music, copywriting, consultations and graphic design among so many other fields. Below, we discuss the 7 best freelance sites:

Most popular freelance platforms


Upwork is unarguably the largest freelance site. It anchors close to 5 million clients and approximately 12 million registered professional writers.

What makes the site the most preferred by clients, is the fact that they can interview various freelancers and compare their bids, then hire their most preferred freelancer.

The site has a user-friendly platform that can be easily used by beginner clients and freelancers. Most incredibly, Upwork has a very friendly and reliable customer care that is there to solve issues related to payment, account problems violation of site rules and regulations.


Guru is another well-known freelance site that provides clients a chance to meet many freelancers and pick out those with the required skills.

This is done by sampling and scrutinizing the freelancers’ portfolios. At, the client can communicate with a specific freelancer or a group of freelancers easily.

The most amazing thing about Guru is the fact that clients can post job offers for free. Freelancers can enjoy automatic, safe and secure payments at is a crowdsourcing and freelance service platform that connects millions of willing buyers and sellers from over 240 countries.

This platform has been for years trusted by clients and freelancers in various fields such as; Software development, engineering, data entry, article writing, marketing, or accounting.

Freelancers just have to filter their searches and bid on projects they are qualified for. offers annual and monthly subscriptions at various prices ranges.

This freelance site has the client and freelancer money protected in that uses a payment system that makes sure that the freelancer is paid once the client is satisfied with the content delivered to them.


Based in Tel Aviv, Fiverr is an online platform that gives freelancers the chance to serve clients worldwide. Different from other freelance sites, at Fiverr, freelancers post jobs in the fields they specialize in.

They can sell their services to interested companies/clients by posting offers in categories through the use of keywords. Clients can then log into their Fiverr accounts and hire any services they may need from a freelancer.


PeoplePerHour is a platform that empowers freelancers to pursue their passions, optimizing the employer-seller connection.

This site allows users to see and access account management tools on a single interface. Freelancers prefer this site because the clients have to pay them a down payment before they begin doing the project.

PeoplePerHour uses an escrow protection feature so that the freelancer meets the required job skills of the business.

Finally, clients can post projects free of charge and wait to receive and scrutinize bids from interested freelancers.


FlexJobs is also among the biggest freelance databases. The site gives the freelancers a good filtering option, using a very secure system that helps them detect scam jobs.

The best part about FlexJobs is that the platform is updated almost daily.

To have an account with Flexjobs you have to pay $14.95. If not willing to continue with the site, you can end your subscription.


Twago is another freelance site that clients have reviewed positively. With Twago, clients can find the appropriate freelancer by scrutinizing their profiles.

Twago allows communication in German, English, Spain, Italian, and French: an excellent example of a well-localized website!

What is most amazing is the increase in client projects each week that assures freelancers a constant workflow. When there are new projects on the dashboard, the freelancer is notified by email.


CGTrader 3D Projects is a freelance 3D modeling jobs platform operated by CGTrader, the world’s largest source of licensable 3D content.

CGTrader Projects connects freelance 3D designers and design studios with customers all over the world to work on exciting 3D modeling jobs.

These customers come from a variety of different industries including retail, animation, gaming, architecture and 3D printing.

Often if the client likes the 3D designer’s work, they continue working together on other 3D jobs. 3D designers can also become CGTrader Designer Partners which enables them to work on very high-level Fortune 500 accounts and enjoy steady guaranteed payments.

Freelancing is has become the perfect option for many, from work at home mums to unemployed graduates. Many companies are also outsourcing various services from clients on these freelance sites.

It is a time-saving, flexible and efficient solution as they have the chance to talk to the freelancer anytime they want and order what require.

The above freelance sites have been ranked among the best platforms for freelancing needs.