Top Tips to Draw New Customers to Your Translation Business

new customers

It can be challenging for translation agencies to find new customers that are interested in their work because translation is a niche service that not every person or business requires on a day-to-day basis. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways in which you can draw new clients to your translation business. This article will detail some of the best techniques that you can use to attract new, and hopefully loyal, customers in no time at all.

Hold a Flash Sale

Potential customers are more likely to try out your services if they know that they won’t lose a large amount of money if they are unhappy with the services that they receive. Holding a flash sale can be extremely advantageous as they instantly attract new customers that have been on the fence about whether your business is right for them. Not only this, but flash sales can encourage uncertain potential clients to make a purchase immediately, rather than deciding to return to your website at a later date.

Contact clients directly

However, due to the niche nature of your business, contacting clients directly is sometimes one of the most effective ways of attracting new customers. This will force them to consider the benefits that your translation agency could have for them. You can do this by emailing potential clients that you have met at events and through networking groups, or even those who work for companies in which translation may be necessary, such as universities and legal firms.

Host a referral scheme

There are easier ways to multiply your customer base, however, and one of these is through hosting a referral scheme, which uses one of your greatest assets: your existing clients. Your satisfied customers are likely to have friends or colleagues who are also interested in the services that you provide. Referral schemes mean that, by recommending your brand, your loyal customer (or even employees) can receive a discount or bonus, while you gain another precious client.

Network at industry events

The pillar of most businesses’ customer acquisition schemes is networking, and this is incredibly important for translation agencies, which often build up a relationship with their regular clientele. You should consider attending trade shows and networking conferences where you can meet interested parties who are likely to specialize in areas that need your translation services to be able to succeed. You should always remember to give these potential clients your business card, and then follow up with them afterward by sending an email.

Sponsor local events

A great way to get the exposure that your brand needs is to sponsor events in your local area, or even on a national scale. Sponsoring events can help you to make sure your brand is known to hundreds- or even thousands- of people at once. As a translation business, you should consider advertising at international or cultural events, as well as those that are promoted by local institutions, such as colleges and the press.

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