How Norwegian Translation Services Can Help Unlock New Business

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Are you expanding into Norway?

Contracting a professional Norwegian translator could be the best way to expand your business into Norway and the Nordic region. In Norway, incomes are evenly distributed and unemployment is low – making it an attractive market. And despite the fact that many Norwegians speak near-perfect English, accurate Norwegian translations of your website and marketing messages can give you an edge over other foreign businesses in the market. A localized website, for example, makes you look established and improves brand perception.

Norway has vast oil and gas reserves, making it very prosperous. In fact, it’s one of the wealthiest nations in the world with a GDP per capita based on purchasing power parities (PPP) exceeding USD 70,000. This makes it a great country to focus your business efforts, particularly if you’re planning to expand into consumer markets with high disposable income. With optimistic economic activity and falling unemployment on the horizon, it’s a great time to localize your advertising, marketing and business proposals into Norwegian.

Why it pays to find specialist Norwegian translation services

As with any new market, it’s important to get a lie of the land before building your presence.

With the help of professional Norwegian translation agency, you can easily tailor your business communications to this important global market. But first, it’s essential to find a translator who specializes in or has experience of your particular field of business. While there are many translation agencies out there who offer professional language services, it’s critical that you find a language professional with a solid understanding of your specific area of business.

While we always advise against using unnecessary jargon, understanding sector-specific terminology is essential to write in the appropriate context and create messages that resonate with their target audiences. Especially if those audiences are industry professionals.

Having a professional agency that can pair you with a native Norwegian translator who can demonstrate their experience in your field is essential.

The services most translation companies offer:

Most professional translation agencies can take care of business contracts, reports and documentation through to advertising marketing material, web content, mailshots, social media, brochures and leaflets, etc.

However, if you’re looking for a dedicated project manager or Norwegian translator with industry-specific experience, you may have to narrow your search.

The services the best Norwegian translation agencies offer:

Not every translation agency can cover industrial, technological and scientific sectors. At BeTranslated, we only collaborate with professional Norwegian translators with proven experience in their specialist fields before joining our agency. That way we can confidently cover a broad range of sectors and market niches.

By relying on language professionals with the relevant skills, experience, and understanding of your target markets, our project managers are confident in the high quality of work they can deliver. Thanks to our extensive network of experts (who all translate to their mother tongue), we will always find the right Norwegian translation specialist for your project. Whether you need to translate from English to Norwegian or vice versa, we have a team of professionals who can tailor their translation services to your project requirements.

Our expert translators work with technical and chemical specifications, management software and other tenders for large-scale real estate development projects. We manage the translation of your web pages, blog articles, brochures, reports, PowerPoint presentations or MS Word and Excel files.

The benefits of working with a dedicated translation project manager

By contracting a professional translation company, you can outsource worrying about the details. Our project managers handle everything from the moment we receive your documents until the work is completed and delivered back to you.

First, we’ll assign your project to one of our project managers. Then, they’ll tap our extensive network of professional language specialists to pair you with an experienced Norwegian translator. Aside from accurately portraying your business values and ensuring culturally accurate Norwegian localization of your documents, we recognize the importance of setting and meeting clear deadlines. To effectively manage the workload, we work with you to create a realistic project timeline that allows your allocated Norwegian translator to deliver and edit high-quality work within the project timeframe.

The results you can expect your Norwegian translations to deliver

By communicating with a new foreign market in their language, you can expect increased web traffic, returning customer visits, leading to increased sales and revenue. But beyond that, you can feel confident that you have a presence in Norway that feels plugged in and native. And if you’re already convinced and are considering other Scandinavian markets, we can help with that too.

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