Translate Your Employment Brand and Globalize Your Workforce

translate your employment brand

Your employment brand is the very essence of your recruitment strategy. It represents your company’s values not only in terms of human resource management but also in terms of brand reputation. This is why as an international corporation, you should make it your priority to translate your employment brand, or at least the key elements of it. It goes without saying that as the reputation of your company is at stake, it is crucial that these translations are carried out by true language professionals.

What are the benefits of an employment brand without borders?

Every company’s employment brand is unique. It can be an important tool to differentiate your service offer from the competition and convey a strong corporate identity, cementing your company name’s reputation around the globe. Regardless of whether you are planning to recruit on an international scale, exporting your employment brand is imperative. Indeed, by showing an interest in your employees, you increase your appeal as an employer and generate client trust.

It is now increasingly important for international corporations to manage and develop the recruitment of new employees from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. Translate your employment brand into Spanish, for example, and you will soon reach new professional circles from all over the world, communicating common values and facilitating the international cohesion of your workforce.

In short, a well-translated employment brand is a quick and effective way to increase brand recognition abroad. By quickly diffusing a strong brand image and communicating the unique core values of your company, your corporation will gain recognition, increasing your chances of successfully laying down roots in other countries.

Professional employment brand translation: invest in quality and attract top candidates!

Global enterprises usually rely on a company website translated into several languages (often in English, French, German, Russian, Chinese or other top international languages). This is a sure-fire way of gaining widespread visibility. However, if the company has decided not to contract a professional translation agency, they risk receiving a poor-quality translation of their web content. This can have devastating results on your company’s reputation and credibility. The same goes for potential candidates – if your recruitment page is poorly translated, you are immediately communicating an image of poor quality, and potentially losing out on many new candidates. Long story short – be sure to translate your employment brand professionally.

At BeTranslated, we make sure that our translations are always first-class, providing a quality service to our clients. How do we do this? By relying on the skills of a select team of native, certified translators with specialized knowledge in a wide variety of sectors. Many of our experienced linguists provide translation services tailor-made for multinational corporations, making use of expert knowledge in the fields of HR, marketing and website translation.

Reliable website translation with BeTranslated

It is also common to find that, although the main page of your recruitment site has been translated, the other pages remain in their original language. This can be frustrating for potential candidates looking for more specific information on your company values, opportunities, etc. With this language barrier, many candidates may not proceed to the final stages of their application.

To make sure you are conveying the same streamlined professionalism you expect from your candidates, contract the services of BeTranslated for your job announcements, catchphrases, recruitment site or web page and all other communications aimed towards potential candidates. With us, your content is in expert hands, and we always make sure to effectively convey your core values and globalize your employment brand to help you strengthen your workforce on an international scale!

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