Translation Plagiarism: A Modern Day Concern

translation plagiarism

Translation plagiarism is undoubtedly a modern-day concern that might also cause trouble for you if you don’t act fast. In this article, we will tell you all about this modern phenomenon and how you can check and remove it. The concept of copying a translation might be new for most of you, and in this post we go into all the details.

First of all, you should know that when we talk about translation plagiarism, we mean a relatively new technique being used by writers from all across the globe to copy and use content published on another relevant source. Borrowing for translation cannot be detected by most online plagiarism checker tools, which is why it is getting more common every day.

Translation Plagiarism – What Is It?

Translation plagiarism involves copying another person’s work and publishing/using it on your website or blog after translating it into another language. Translating the content into another language will reduce the chances of it getting accused of plagiarism by more than 80%. This is why people today are focusing on translating and utilizing already-published content.

You can indeed get away with translation copying, but at the same time, you should know that it can cause a lot of trouble for you when it comes to SEO scores. Both sources with similar content on their interface would be ranked down by search engines, which can seriously affect the source’s credibility.

Now, let’s say you think that someone is using your content by simply translating it. In that case, you have to connect to an effective online plagiarism checker tool. A few of the tools for identifying plagiarism listed on the web are capable of screening out duplicate content even if it is published in another language. Below you will find a selection of these effective and reliable tools for checking the authenticity of your translation!

Plagiarism Checkers for Screening Duplicate Translated Content

Here are some of the top options to consider when checking translated content on the internet.

The plagiarism checker by is a designated website service that allows you to check raw text, document files, and complete blogs for duplication issues. This is an online tool for recognizing translation theft that can be used by all users and on all operating systems, and it is the best for screening any translations of content. This is because it uses AI and advanced algorithms to scan your content. has many extravagant features, and you can enjoy them once you start using it!


Grammarly is another premium option that you can consider when checking duplicate content of all types. Grammarly uses not only AI but also the latest technology, which allows it to check for translation borrowing. You have to enter raw text in the input box of the tool and enable the check for plagiarism option. Grammarly takes just a few seconds to screen out all of the lifted content. The text is highlighted in red, and you also get information about the matched links. You can compare the links manually to report them for plagiarism. If your content is accidentally matching another source, then you can also remove or rephrase it!


This is a free and very impressive plagiarism checker tool that can provide you with accurate results regarding the originality of your content. This free online tool is used worldwide by writers, students, and commercial companies to double-check if content has been appropriated for translation. The best thing about this checking tool is that it doesn’t limit you with a word count. You can check as many words as you want without any restrictions. You should also know that it has a simple and straightforward interface, and so you can learn how to use it on your first go. The advanced plagiarism checking features of this tool can easily detect accidental and translation plagiarism with complete accuracy. The tool would also give you suggestions to remove any copies from your content!


This is another free option that you should try out. Duplichecker is also online, so you can use it on any browser and on any device you want. It is among the most efficient and easy-to-use tools listed on the internet. The most interesting feature of Duplichecker is that it highlights plagiarism and provides you with complete information about the matched links and references in its plagiarism reports. You should know that detecting borrowed content is very easy with this online plagiarism tool. The free version of this duplication checker allows you to make around 50 scans in a day. You can also subscribe to the paid plans if you need advanced and limitless searching features!

Plagiarism Hunt

Plagiarism Hunt is an online service where you will find multiple plagiarism checker tools. With Plagiarism Hunt, you can scan your work for duplication with more than five different tools, making the results even more reliable. You will be sure to identify questionable content with this online tool; it’s a real multitasker. There are two checking options offered by Plagiarism Hunt. The free option lets the service randomly check your work for plagiarism with any of its tools. In the paid version, you can connect the tools of your choice!

White Smoke

White smoke is another online plagiarism checker tool that has provided excellent services to users for the last twenty years. Today this tool is used by writers, professors, executives, and web admins from all parts of the world. You can easily check and remove all sorts of plagiarism with this tool. It has many amazing features, and the most popular one is finding translation plagiarism. It integrates more than 60 different languages, so identifying translation copies is easy with White smoke!

Using any of these online plagiarism checker tools, you can check for borrowed content like a pro!