International Development Translation Services

For years, global development agencies have called on BeTranslated for vital translations in activities ranging from a 3-day world conference to an annual report made up of numerous on-site studies.

Large international organizations operate in many fields of development and we have the experts to handle every type of job. Your organization requires a high level of project management skills coupled with a team of dedicated professionals that understand the specific needs and requirements of international development translation.

The programs we have provided multilingual translations for cover subjects such as reducing Third World debt, fighting world hunger, and devising strategies to combat deadly diseases such as AIDS.

Humanitarian organizations know they can rely on our experienced teams to prepare their publications for release in war-torn and disaster-hit communities. The documents we translate for humanitarian organizations include emergency preparedness plans, training documents for relief workers, first-aid guides and press releases on various relief efforts. We help a wide variety of humanitarian organizations bring the information they have to those that need it the most and in the specific languages that will reach the widest possible audience in their field of operations.

Government agencies, NGOs, and commercial entities are all deeply engaged in international development work and have equally urgent and wide-ranging translation needs. Global priorities like food and medical relief in Third-World countries cannot wait for translation firms that lack the range and responsiveness we offer.

We help our customers put out information quickly when short lead times are crucial to their activities. In addition, we provide long-term support to assist their ongoing work with communities in need and to publish documents such as informational brochures on pregnancy and infant care. This kind of comprehensive cooperation that BeTranslated offers its customers makes each organization we work with that much more effective.

Contractors that work closely with governments and international agencies count on us to translate training documents, technical manuals and other information needed for relief efforts around the globe. We understand the need for clear, concise language and consistency throughout their various media.

Our teams ensure that humanitarian, NGO, and international development/government translations are completed quickly so they can be used in urgent missions around the world and they provide this service with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. The expertise that goes into being the translation agency for such vital international development translation operations is what keeps our customers coming back to us time and time again.

We are proud to offer our services in these varied and demanding fields and aim to cooperate with more international development organizations who are performing vital work in every corner of the world. We can provide US and international organizations with a wide range of multilingual experts located worldwide and back them up with remote support teams as needed. Whatever kind of translations you require for your development projects, BeTranslated will deliver.

Contact BeTranslated to find out more about how we can meet your needs, whether for single translation projects or entire campaigns. Our team responds quickly, efficiently, and professionally and we always deliver superior quality at reasonable rates. Let us be the global partner who shares your enthusiasm for helping humanity.

Any Questions?

Our experienced project managers are here to answer all your questions as they guide you through the process. Get in touch today for more information or a free quote!

The BeTranslated Approach :

All translators in our network are highly qualified professionals

One of our regional managers receives your request for a translation quote

After you fill out the quote request form, one of our regional managers will contact you to confirm receipt. We will then work with you to determine your specific needs.

You will receive a response within 8 hours
and we typically respond within a few hours. We may need to ask you further questions to clearly outline your translation project.
Then, we determine the translator who best meets your needs
according to the details of your request. If necessary, we will also provide you with technical assistance.
You will receive the translated files within the agreed-upon deadline
We follow up on the translation
to check that it fulfills your expectations.
If you are satisfied, we will send you an invoice.
If you have valid feedback, we will make the necessary changes.

Main areas of specialization

Business Translation


Our experienced business translators are well-versed in the full range of business and financial documents that turn the wheels of international trade.

Our Business translation services

Marketing Translation

Marketing 1

Translators specializing in marketing understand how to encourage readers to take action so you can achieve your business objectives.

Our Marketing translation services

Audiovisual Translation


The explosion of the video market has created a demand for translators who know how to translate subtitles and scripts for voiceover. This special skillset only comes with experience.

Our Audiovisual translation services

IT Translation


Given the fast pace of change in this sector, our specialist IT and telecom expert translators stay up-to-date with innovation and technology.

Our IT translation services

Technical Translation

Technical 1

Technical translation requires not only language skills, but also expert knowledge of the subject area and market in question.

Our Technical translation services

Legal Translation


Legal translations require experts who understand the legal systems and culture behind both languages, with demonstrated experience working in the legal sector.

Our Legal translation services