Professional business translation services

Let’s say you have just found an ideal business partner that will aid in you establishing yourself in emerging markets; your next step is to make sure that both parties can communicate and carry out the project. BeTranslated can help you to integrate and build this kind of partnership. Whether you are based in New York, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Dublin or anywhere else in the world, you can trust us with all of your business documents. Our skilled, experienced translators will be responsible for the translation. BeTranslated’s most popular languages are French, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Our translators handle the full range of professional and financial documents required to make international trade work:

We also work with specialists in the translation of legal documents. This means that we can be your sole translation partner. We will provide you with all the necessary tools you need to develop the business partnership of your dreams.

Contact a BeTranslated representative to get your international projects underway.

Our specialist translation services for the business sector include:

Translation of proposals, bids, and tenders

BeTranslated can help you land new business abroad by translating business documents and legal documents into your client’s language or your own.


Translation of business plans

Thanks to our translations, you will be ready to present your enterprise to your partners and potential customers abroad confidently and to the highest standard.

Translation of quotes

BeTranslated helps companies operating in English, or any other language, to enter new markets abroad by expertly translating their offers and business proposals into the language of their future customers.


Translation of white papers

We can translate white papers and other professional documents with the precision and quality that only experts can provide.

Translation of real estate contracts

Accurate translations of contracts are an essential aspect of any real estate transaction between parties speaking different languages.

Pagrindinės mūsų specializacijos sritys 

Techninių tekstų vertimas

Techninių tekstų vertimas reikalauja ne tik kalbos įgūdžių, bet ir išsamių žinių apie nagrinėjamą dalyką.

Rinkodaros tekstų vertimas

Vertėjui, kuris specializuojasi rinkodaros srityje, reikia unikalių kalbinių ir redakcinių įgūdžių, kad galėtų pristatyti auditorijai puikiai pritaikytą žinutę.

Verslo tekstų vertimas

Mūsų vertėjai dirba su įvairiais verslo ir finansiniais dokumentais, kurie naudojami ir tarptautinėje prekyboje.

IT tekstų vertimas

Atsižvelgiant į spartėjančią šios srities raidą, vertėjas, kuris specializuojasi telekomunikacijų srityje, turi nuolat atnaujinti savo žinias.