Translation of IT and Telecom Documents

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Software and IT translations are of major importance. After all, poor translations of software or documentation can have serious consequences. And of course, insufficient professionalism leaves users with a negative impression of your business and you risk losing your credibility. BeTranslated offers the best IT translation services for your project.


Translation of ICT documents

Translating texts that deal with IT and computer hardware or software is obviously a task reserved for specialists. Translations in the IT field must be extremely precise and translators specializing in this industry can’t leave any room for doubt. The IT sector obviously has a clear international dimension and English is very widely used.

IT professionals at your service

In order to offer quality translation services, we don’t compromise when it comes to choosing IT translators. They must have proven prior experience and successfully completed IT translation projects for us in the past. We always assign the same translators to clients they have worked with previously to ensure that terminology remains consistent.

Support for your telecom documents

Translators working for BeTranslated regularly work on translations of specifications, calls for proposals, user manuals, and manuals for companies in the telecom field. Our translators are experienced at using Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools which help maintain consistency throughout a text and ensure the prompt delivery of your project. Contact us to receive a free, no-obligation quote today.

Telecom expertise

It’s impossible to be an expert in every field. That’s why BeTranslated collaborates with a large number of translators specializing in specific fields, enabling us to meet your exact requirements.

Among these specialized translators are genuine computer enthusiasts, hardware and software specialists, and even programmers and experts in artificial intelligence.

Translation of your telecom applications

Today, telecommunications and IT are closely linked, and telecom service providers offer a growing range of products and services. We translate documents, websites, and applications in the following areas:

Mobile Phones
Data Cybersecurity
Websites / Intranets
Video Conferencing
Database Management Systems
Network Connections & Installations
Android / iPhone Applications

Do you need an IT or telecom translation? Whatever your project, don’t hesitate to contact BeTranslated. We promise you a flexible and professional proposal for your project.

Any Questions?

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