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Professional Interpretation Services by BeTranslated

At BeTranslated, we are dedicated to excellence as a leading interpretation agency, delivering a comprehensive suite of services customized to meet your distinct requirements.

Our proficiency extends across a wide range of languages, including French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and more, facilitating seamless translations to and from English.

We specialize in various forms of interpretation, offering both in-person and remote interpreting solutions to ensure effective and uninterrupted communication for a variety of events and sectors. Additionally, we provide sign language interpretation services, catering to the diverse communication needs of our clients.

Whether you’re hosting a global conference or require assistance for local engagements, our team is equipped to support your communication goals with precision and professionalism.

Versatile Interpretation Services

Consecutive Interpretation: Perfect for office meetings, training sessions, and new site conferences, this method ensures consistent message delivery. Our experts help interpret your text into a different language during breaks, providing clear examples to both the participants in the meeting and the broader audience.

Simultaneous Interpretation: Offers real-time translation at events, employing cutting-edge equipment to facilitate seamless communication. This approach is ideal for working with large, diverse groups, ensuring everyone on site can follow the proceedings without delay. Most commonly used for large conferences at bigger venues and for streamed online events with remote interpreters.

Whispered Interpretation (Chuchotage): An intimate, equipment-free solution for small group settings, whispering translation directly to the listener. This method is particularly useful for spontaneous interactions, helping to maintain privacy and immediacy in conversations.

Liaison Interpretation: A dynamic form of interpretation that helps bridge the gap in natural conversations across legal, medical, and official domains. By interpreting spoken text on the spot, it supports clear and confidential communication, making it an indispensable tool in both new and established professional settings.

Specialized Interpretation for Various Sectors

BeTranslated’s interpreters are not only language experts but also specialize in specific fields, ensuring accurate and context-sensitive translations for both our in-person and remote interpreting services:

Conference Interpreting:

From one international symposium to local workshops, our interpreters guarantee that your information connects with every member of the audience.

They practice precision in conveying the meaning of spoken words, ensuring access to very detailed and written documents about the event’s content, accessible online to people all over the world.

Legal Interpreting:

In the legal domain, where precision and confidentiality are over everything else, our interpreters stand out.

They excel in providing clear, accurate interpretations in courtrooms, depositions, and consultations, ensuring every document and spoken test is interpreted with the utmost care and understanding of its legal meaning.

Medical Interpreting:

In medical settings, the clarity of communication can be a matter of life and death, particularly for expats navigating healthcare in a new language.

Our team offers vital support, ensuring that patients and healthcare providers have access to accurate, confidential interpretations of medical information, tests, and consultations, promoting understanding and safety in every interaction.

Business Interpreting:

Navigate the complexities of international meetings, negotiations, and conferences with ease, thanks to our expert interpreters who specialize in bridging language barriers in real-time.

Adept at translating the subtleties of business terminology and cultural nuances, our interpreting services, allows you to not just communicate with your clients but connect and make informed decisions while forging strong international partnerships.

Financial Interpreting:

As you navigate through high-stakes negotiations, global investment meetings, and cross-border financial discussions, our specialized interpreters are your key to flawless communication.

Not just fluent in languages; they’re steeped in the complex jargon of finance and sensitive to the nuances that drive financial markets worldwide, allowing you to confidently engage with partners, stakeholders, and markets across the globe. 

Event Interpreting:
Effortlessly navigate the intricacies of global events, conferences, and seminars with the help of our skilled interpreters dedicated to breaking down language barriers on the spot.

Proficient in conveying the nuances of event jargon and cultural intricacies, our event interpreting services offer solutions to enable you to go beyond mere communication with attendees, fostering meaningful connections and facilitating well-informed choices to cultivate robust international collaborations.

Choose BeTranslated for Unmatched Interpretation Services!

When choosing BeTranslated for your interpreting needs, you’re not just selecting a service provider; you’re partnering with a team of dedicated professionals committed to the success of your communication goals.

Let us orchestrate your next event or interpreting task with the expertise and attention it deserves. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote!

Interpreting Services

Interpreting Booths For Your Event

Interpreting booths, often equipped with a console that includes a microphone for the interpreter and headsets with receivers for the audience, as well as microphones for the speakers, work to rid communication barriers through ethical practices.

This setup, which may seem intricate at first, is designed to ensure a high level of precision and clarity in the interpretation process. The professionals signed up for this work, operating within this technologically advanced environment, possess the expertise and ethical standards necessary to guarantee a smooth communication experience.

This allows for the simultaneous interpretation of multiple foreign languages, offering a significant benefit to those involved.

Access to this equipment is crucial for your multilingual event to proceed without a hitch, available the same day you need it. Should you require assistance, a sign of our commitment to service is the availability of your designated project manager, who can often help through a simple phone call or video connection.

This service is part of the definition of our commitment to making testing and setup as seamless as possible, ensuring that every participant can use the provided technology to its full advantage, enhancing the overall benefit of clear, effective communication.

Experienced Interpreters in Your Field

Our professional interpreters are more than just masters of language; they are specialized interpreters and linguists, guaranteeing accurate and reliable translations.

Ranging from a variety of sectors, such as tourism, legal and business, their linguistic skill and sector-specific knowledge guarantees that your message is not merely translated, but fully comprehended and effectively communicated in any setting.

BeTranslated: Your Trusted Partner in Interpretation Services

Personalized Account & Project Management

Our experienced project managers collaborate closely with you and your team in order to carefully plan and execute events of all scales, from grand conferences to intimate meetings.

With an accomplished and extensive knowledge of the intricacies involved in interpreting assignments, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Recognizing the dynamic nature of events and the potential for last-minute changes, our team is well-equipped to address any unforeseen issues or additional requirements swiftly.

We understand that flexibility is key to success in the fast-paced world of interpreting, whether it’s accommodating sudden changes in the schedule or addressing unexpected language needs, our commitment to flexibility ensures a smooth and effective execution of your interpreting projects.

Quality Assurance

Every interpreting service provided by our professional team is not only precise, but also aligned with the cultural nuances of each participant.

This commitment to quality assurance is integral to our mission of delivering flawless interpreting services that leave a lasting positive impact on your audience.

Tailored Solutions for Your Interpreting Needs

Our dedicated team excels in organizing and managing your event’s interpreting needs, whether it’s for one language or multiple languages.

We deal with various language combinations, whether you are looking for interpretation services from Spanish to English, English to Korean, Arabic to English, English to Chinese, or even interpretation services in German.

No matter your interpretation needs, we have a solution that accommodates your personal endeavors.


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