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Top Reasons for Contracting Transcription Services

Transcription services are not just about literal conversion. It involves understanding the context, nuances, and subtleties of the spoken word. Similarly, translation is not merely about substituting words from one language to another. It requires a deep understanding of the linguistic and cultural nuances of both source and target languages.

Together, transcription and translation services enable businesses to reach a broader audience, break language barriers, and engage effectively with their target market. In essence, it’s important to recognize that these services form an integral and indispensable component within the intricate realm of global communication.

Linguistic Transcription Is the Reproduction in Text of Video or Audio Content

Audio and video recordings are continuously becoming integral parts of online content and social marketing. People are consuming visual content now more than ever before due to the increased adoption of smartphones and affordable internet connectivity. However, not all content consumers get value from multimedia files.

There is a huge demographic that only benefits from a video or audio clip if it is transcribed into text. That’s the primary reason why most organizations these days are relying on professional transcription services to create content and increase its value.

Transcribed multimedia content has many benefits; it is more searchable online, easier to reference, and more professional. Consequently, high-quality and accurate transcription increases competitiveness and revenue on the part of content developers.

Why Transcription Services Are a Key Marketing Tool?

The key purpose of marketing in any organization is to keep the existing clients happy and informed, while at the same time trying to appeal to new business leads. Marketing professionals understand how important it is to get the attention of each and every potential client, which basically means making their video and audio content friendly and consumable by all targeted demographics. Transcription services aid this goal in several ways, including:

Transcription Appeals to People Who Have No Time to Watch Your Video

Some people are too busy to watch your 10-minute video, but they will be happy to scan through the video’s transcript for a minute or two. If the transcribed content captures the value and intent of your video, the reader might be convinced towatch it.

When someone reads the script and then watches the video, chances are that they will understand the content better and authoritatively share the information with other would-be interested parties.

Transcription Boosts SEO

It is almost impossible to optimize visual content for search engines without relying on transcription services. For starters, YouTube uses video transcriptions to find and rank search results when users search for particular keywords on the engine. Your video will always rank high if its transcription is well written.

Audiovisual translation services, on the other hand, make it possible for clients who don’t speak your language to find value in your video. These services will always give you the best results.

Transcription Promotes Engagement

Transcribed video content attracts higher online engagement by making it easy for online users to follow along with the video without needing clarifications from any 3rd parties. Increased engagement means more social shares, more comments, and more online traffic.

And if the video is on one of your site’s landing pages, it could easily improve your site’s bounce rate and average time on the page – two SEO metrics that will greatly improve the site’s SEO ranking.

Transcriptions Helps Customers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Of course, it would be naïve to assume that everyone in your target audience has the ability to hear. And even amongst individuals with perfect hearing, there are those who are forced to mute their audio when watching your video, especially at work, public transport, or sometimes at home.

Your video could also have irritating background noises or thick accents, rendering your content incomprehensible to some people. Video transcription helps marketers reach all these said groups.

We Specialize in Transcription Services for the Following Areas:


Transcription Services in the Education Sector

Transcribed lectures and class sessions are invaluable in all levels of education. First, creating educational archives is easier when transcribed content is used as opposed to using raw records. Transcripts are hard to corrupt, after all.

Secondly, transcription makes it possible for educationists to create and benefit from online classes or long-distance education programs. When educational content is shared online, it helps both current and future students to review and retain valuable information. Future students of history and educators alike can also refer to today’s content and use it to develop future curriculums.

Note: Just like in marketing, it is often the case that those who are hard of hearing will only be able to understand their professors by reading transcribed lectures.

Transcription Services in Healthcare

Clinic notes, physical reports, pathology reports, discharge summaries, x-ray reports, laboratory reports, and many other medical records are often read out to medical team members by their lead doctors.

Medical transcriptionists ensure that these records are documented in real-time, thoroughly, and accurately. Physicians can prepare medical documents on their own, of course, but they are better off focusing on patients.

Freeing up physician time means better quality patient evaluation and diagnosis. Patients receive optimal healthcare as a result, and the medical fraternity earns more revenue in the process. Everybody wins.

Professional Transcription for Media and Journalism

A journalist’s day is defined by huge volumes of audio and video files from interviews and sound bites. They have to clarify and break down these files for viewers’ consumption, and that can be tedious and time-consuming.

Hiring professional transcription services helps journalists in the following ways:

  • Better reporting
  • Reporting is harder than many people can imagine. A journalist must pay attention to the subject of a press conference or an interview, and at the same time note down the points that are worth reporting. That is not always humanly possible. Professional transcription allows journalists to devote all their attention to the speaker so that they can create the most insightful report possible.

  • Increased accuracy
  • Taking notes while paying attention to a speaker is a recipe for disastrous misquoting. And because misquotes can attract unwanted lawsuits, risking is not an option.
    Transcripts help journalists to make accurate quotes and references and, in case a transcript has errors, a journalist will easily catch it if they didn’t write the transcript. After all, personal errors in your own work can be hard to notice.

  • Beating deadlines
  • New stories develop in quick succession, leaving journalists with extremely short deadlines to report those stories. It is tedious for a journalist to transcribe long audio clips, particularly noting that a 10-minute clip can even take more than 2 hours to transcribe. Professional transcriptionists have the necessary expertise and tools to beat short deadlines.

Certified Legal Transcription Services

Legal transcriptionists convert legal proceedings (which are mostly in spoken format) to digital or paper documents. They capture witness testimonies, courtroom interrogations, and judge/jury verdicts.

The key benefit of using professional transcriptionists is to get verbatim records that can be used by future law students to study cases or by attorneys when arguing future cases in court.

Accurate legal transcriptions also help attorneys and other court officers to organize their work. Most of these professionals handle multiple legal cases at a go, so they need all the help they can get to remain organized and focused.

BeTranslated – A Reliable Transcription & Translation Agency

Evidently, everyone needs transcription services these days. If you want reliable and quality transcriptions, always ensure that your content is handled by professional transcription specialists. Note that each industry requires its unique file transcription formats, so you must confirm from your transcription service whether or not they are qualified in your line of work. Always remember that the margin for error in this business is almost non-existent. You cannot leave anything to chance.
At BeTranslated, we handpick our linguists to suit your project, guaranteeing you not only an impeccable transcription but also expert knowledge in your domain. Whatever the language of your audio or video clip, we have a large and diverse team of freelancers happy to transcribe and translate all content from Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian… Get in touch for us for a free quote or to find out more about our transcription, translation and copywriting services!

Professional Translation Services

Websites & Blogs
Multilingual DTP
Translation of Professional Documents

Translation of Professional Documents

Whether you need the translation of a single page, a thick user manual in PDF format, or a presentation for a conference, our experienced content translation professionals understand how to meet your business needs.

Our guarantee: to deliver quality translations on time and at a price that fits your budget. We respond to your requests quickly, meet your deadlines, and deliver professional language services at competitive rates.

Website Translation Services

Translation of Websites & Blogs

Translating your website is essential to expanding your business to new markets.

While broadening your reach online is easier than ever before, communicating in a way that resonates with native speakers appealingconverting in each market still requires the skills of  language experts. That’s where we come in.

An accurate translation of your web content and blog articles is key to appeal to customers in new markets and to convert new prospects.

Sworn Translation

Sworn Translation Services

Sworn translation services ensure accurate and official translations of legal and administrative documents. Sworn translators are authorized by relevant government bodies and possess the necessary expertise to translate documents such as court records, notarized statements, and official certificates.

With a commitment to confidentiality and professionalism, we provide reliable and efficient sworn translation services to meet the needs of clients in legal matters.

Audiovisual Translation

Audiovisual Translation Services

Looking to reach a global audience with your audiovisual content? Our specialized audiovisual translation service is the answer. From subtitling to dubbing, we provide accurate translations that preserve the original meaning and cultural nuances.

Our team of experienced translators and voice artists ensure that your message is effectively communicated in different languages, enhancing the impact and accessibility of your audiovisual projects.

Transcription Services

Transcription Services

A transcription service is a professional service that converts spoken language or audio recordings into written text.

Save time and effort with our transcription services. Our team of experienced transcribers meticulously convert your audio and video recordings into written text, ensuring accuracy and attention to detail.

With quick turnaround times and a commitment to confidentiality, we deliver reliable transcriptions that meet your deadlines and exceed your expectations.

Remote Interpretation

Interpretation Services

Our interpretation services cater to a wide range of needs, from business meetings to international conferences. We offer both on-site and remote interpretation, ensuring seamless communication regardless of location. Our team of professional interpreters is proficient in multiple languages and specialized fields, guaranteeing accurate and effective translation of spoken words.

With the latest technology, our remote interpretation service allows for real-time, clear, and convenient communication, breaking down language barriers and enabling global connectivity with ease.

Desktop Publishing Services

Multilingual DTP Services

Our Translations with DTP (Desktop Publishing) services provide a seamless blend of accurate linguistic translation and professional layout design, ensuring your documents are both comprehensible and visually appealing to your target audience.

Our DTP specialists adapt your documents to maintain their original formatting, including the adjustment of text boxes, images, and page layouts. This integrated approach guarantees that your translated materials are ready for the global market while also maintaining the professional appearance and brand consistency you need.


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