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BeTranslated is not just another translation agency or translation company. We offer you our network of professional French translators located around the world. These translators are used to working both alone or in teams. We pride ourselves on providing affordable and quality French translation services in exactly the same way as large and expensive translation agencies. Whichever French-speaking market you want to reach, we have professional translators for them.



French translations for France

Most of our translations are performed into French from France by default unless you require otherwise. France being one of Europe’s largest economies, it is easy to understand why translating into Parisian French is so important.

English to French translation for Canada (Québec)

Due to its historical and geographical separation from France a couple of centuries ago, the French used in Canada varies significantly from the French used in France, Belgium, and Switzerland. Therefore, only French Canadian translators will be assigned to your French Canadian projects.

French translations for Belgium and Switzerland

While France has by far the highest number of native French speakers. One should not forget about Switzerland and Belgium.
While French from France is universally accepted and understood, there may be cases where a Swiss-French translator or a Belgian translator would be recommended. Differences can be minor, but the devil is in the details.

French: one of the main languages of international organizations

French is widely used by international organizations such as the UN, the European Union, Interpol, the Red Cross and many others. Translations for such international organizations are usually expected to be done in a neutral version of French that would seem equally natural to a French, Belgian, Swiss or North African audience. This can be referred to as International French or Universal French.

Technical translation

Technical translation requires not only language skills, but also expert knowledge of the subject area and market in question.


Business translation

Our experienced translators are familiar with the full range of professional and financial documents that turn the wheels of international trade.

Marketing translation

Translators specializing in marketing understand how to encourage readers to take action, so you achieve your business objectives.

IT translation

Given the fast pace of change in this sector, our translators specializing in telecommunications stay up-to-date with innovation and technology.



English to French copywriter and translator

A graduate in translation from the University of Liège in Belgium, Lola translates from Spanish into French, as well as from English into French, in a multitude of fields. Her pen is highly appreciated by clients seeking a high editorial level in the tourism and travel sector. She’s a true master in the art of SEO writing.

Frédéric Boutillier

French technical translator

Originally from the south of France, Frédéric has both French and Argentinean nationality. After studying industrial engineering, he worked for 10 years as a systems engineer in various countries, combining his professional qualifications with his taste for travel. Frédéric translates from English and Spanish and specialises in technical, IT and tourism fields.


French IT translator

Arnaud holds a master’s degree in linguistics, translation studies, literature and Anglo-Saxon civilisation from the University of Nantes, as well as a degree in French as a Foreign Language from the University of Grenoble. He translates from English into French in the following sectors: tourism, new technologies, lifestyle, geopolitics and literature.


Legal English to French translator

Virginie is a graduate of the University of Brussels and attended postgraduate training at the K.U.Leuven (Belgium). With experience in a law firm, in the FPS Justice and in teaching, she is now a freelance translator from English and Dutch into French.
She specialises in the legal, fleet, logistics and marketing sectors.

French Translation Services
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