French Translation Services

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BeTranslated: Your Premier French Translation Agency 

BeTranslated is an international language service provider with a network of professional French translators located around the world, offering high-quality French translation services.

Our freelance translators work across a broad range of sectors to provide accurate and top-notch certified French translations.

Thanks to our unique agency structure and workflow, we can streamline costs to offer you the very best language services at rates suitable for all budgets. We cater to any French-speaking markets that you wish to target, working with regional specialists from our pool of professional translators.

From PDF translations to website localization and SEO translation services, we work with all formats and maintain a dialogue with our clients to ensure we meet their needs while helping expand their business into the French-speaking world.

French Translation Services

The Time to Translate to French Is Now!

More businesses than ever before are looking to move away from a strictly English-speaking audience. When companies attempt to move into new markets in other countries and continents, it’s essential that they translate their documents into those target languages.

More than just the language of one specific target market a business wants to reach, French is considered a base language — and a French translation is crucial for reaching a wide audience.

Contact a BeTranslated representative for a quote. We would love to help you introduce your business to the French-Speaking world!

Globalize Your Business

French Speakers Are Proud Consumers

When you visit a website, you will very rarely click on one that is not in your mother tongue. Even if you do and you can understand the site, basic comprehension isn’t the only factor that influences your purchasing decision.

This is also true for French speakers, who are proud of their language. Many French consumers do speak English, but they are much more likely to support a site that offers services and products in their mother tongue. Therefore, translating your content into French is crucial for the success of your business in a French-speaking market.

Our team of professional native French translators can help you do this.

French Is Spoken Globally

French is a hugely popular language all around the world. In fact, French is the sixth most widely spoken language and the second most widely learned foreign language in the world.

Due to this, the opportunities to globalize your business in the French-speaking sectors are endless. French is widely spoken all over the world including in Europe, Africa, and North America.

If you are considering expanding your business into the French markets, our team of professional translators can help you. They understand the nuances of these regions and can localize your content in the best possible way.

We work with native French translators from Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Québec.

High-Income Markets Speak French

Many countries in Europe are considered high-income markets. With French as the second most commonly spoken language in Europe, it stands to reason that these high-income market countries contain a lot of French-speaking citizens.

When you translate your content into French, you cater to European markets with a lot of purchasing power. The country of France and other French-speaking countries around the world account for about 20% of world goods trading — an astonishingly high number.

French Is a Language of Global Institutions

Not every world language is a working language of the United Nations — but French is. It’s also one of three procedural languages of the European Union, and European broadcasting systems will often translate important broadcasts into French. French is also the sole official language of the Universal Postal Union.

French also happens to be the working language for other important institutions like UNESCONATOFAOUNICEFFIFA , and ECOWAS to name a few.

Trust BeTranslated as your relied-upon French translation agency.

BeTranslated: Your Trusted French Translation Agency

Our global team of English-to-French translators covers a broad spectrum of business areas, meaning you will be paired with a language expert who’s an authority in your sector.

As an added level of quality assurance, an experienced project manager will guide you through the entire process.
This guarantees you a reliable point of contact and accurate translations within your chosen timeframe.

Why Translate Your Content Into French?

Broaden Your Company's Reach

There are around 220 million French speakers throughout the world, meaning there is a vast market for ambitious companies to reach out to.

Our industry-leading translation services at competitive rates will help you make progress in the important Francophone market, whatever the field, from machinery to oil and more.

Additionally, our remote interpretation services are avialble to aid you in any meeting or conference from any point in the world. 

Cover Every Continent

BeTranslated only works with professional, knowledgeable and experienced translators who understand the nuances of French Canadian, African French, Belgian French and more.

This means your company is in safe hands and the translations of your environmental studies or annual reports will be perfectly suited to the target market.

The Right Message for The Right Market

French is an official language in countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.

We take pride in partnering you with experienced translators who can accurately localize your website, marketing materials, press releases and business documents in the most appropriate regional French.

Offer an Official International Language

French is widely used by many international organizations including the UN, the European Union, Interpol, UNESCO, NATO, FIFA and more.

Our French translators understand the work and unique needs of NGOs and government institutions around the world. And we’re proud to offer a diverse network of translators with expertise in this field of vital work.

Our French Translators in The Spotlight

French to English translator
English to French Copywriter and Translator

A graduate in translation from the University of Liège in Belgium, Lola translates from Spanish into French, as well as from English into French, in a multitude of fields. Her pen is highly appreciated by clients seeking a high editorial level in the tourism and travel sector. She is also a true master in the art of SEO writing, an essential skill in today’s digital world.

Traducteur anglais français
French Technical Translator

Originally from the south of France, Frédéric has dual French and Argentine citizenship. After studying industrial engineering, he worked for 10 years in various countries as a systems engineer, combining his professional qualifications with his taste for travel. Frédéric translates between English and Spanish and specializes in the fields of technology, computers, and tourism.

Professional English French translator
English to French IT Translator

Arnaud holds a master’s degree in linguistics, translation studies, literature, and Anglo-Saxon civilization from the University of Nantes, as well as a degree in French as a Foreign Language from the University of Grenoble. He translates from English into French in the following sectors: tourism, new technologies, lifestyle, geopolitics, and literature.

Experienced Financial Translator

Rafael has been a translator and proofreader for more than 30 years, as well as a diplomat for 19 years. He has studied, worked, and lived in the US, two French-speaking countries (Sorbonne University), and three Spanish-speaking countries. Having been Assistant Director of Translation at the Mexican National Banking Commission for three years, he further specialized in the areas of finance.

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