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With BeTranslated your documents are in good hands, from the moment we receive them to their delivery. We select the most well-suited Hungarian-English translator to provide you with the ideal language solution depending on your needs and sector of activity.

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Translate into Hungarian and reach a growing market

Looking to expand your business activity into Hungary? Central European markets are becoming increasingly attractive to foreign businesses. Stay one step ahead of the competition and communicate with your local partners in their native language, building trust and guaranteeing fruitful overseas relations. In order to achieve this, the best option is to contract the services of an online translation agency.

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BeTranslated has a large database of native Hungarian translators, specialising in a number of sectors. We choose the best-suited translator to your sector or area of activity to best target your audience, customer, or business partner. Taking into account regional and economic factors, we find the most effective solution for translating even the most technical text fluently into Hungarian.

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Is your company involved in activity with Hungarian partners? Communication is key, and with a professional, experienced, native translator, you can rest assured that your Hungarian documents will be translated with care and attention to detail. Request a free, no obligation quote today!

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We are fully prepared to provide language solutions from Hungarian into English for any sector. Our translators are always careful to preserve the intention, style and detail of your text, providing a perfectly adapted translated version. In contracting the services of a professional translation agency, you are guaranteed quality results. Get in touch with any questions about our range of services.

Pagrindinės mūsų specializacijos sritys 

Techninių tekstų vertimas

Techninių tekstų vertimas reikalauja ne tik kalbos įgūdžių, bet ir išsamių žinių apie nagrinėjamą dalyką.

Rinkodaros tekstų vertimas

Vertėjui, kuris specializuojasi rinkodaros srityje, reikia unikalių kalbinių ir redakcinių įgūdžių, kad galėtų pristatyti auditorijai puikiai pritaikytą žinutę.

Verslo tekstų vertimas

Mūsų vertėjai dirba su įvairiais verslo ir finansiniais dokumentais, kurie naudojami ir tarptautinėje prekyboje.

IT tekstų vertimas

Atsižvelgiant į spartėjančią šios srities raidą, vertėjas, kuris specializuojasi telekomunikacijų srityje, turi nuolat atnaujinti savo žinias.