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Malay – an ancient and diverse language

Looking to expand your activities in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, or Thailand? Malay is spoken in all of these countries – an important language to communicate in considering the fact that the first three make up the three riches countries in South East Asia! Malaysia, for example, has a booming electronics, automobile, and tourism industry. Many multinationals are seizing the opportunity to form partnerships with major players in these countries and to seek new client bases. This means there is an increased need for localized documents and content from English into Malay. Your content, documents, or website can be perfectly translated into Malay by one of our certified, native translators, carefully selected according to their area of expertise.

Accurate translation of your documents and content into Malay

Translate into Malay and reach over 290 million people worldwide! It is written using the Latin script with Hindu-Arabic numerals and is sometimes written in an Arabic script called Arab Melayu or Jawi. Malay requires an expert, native translator to provide an accurate and fluent final text. Contracting the services of a professional translation agency allows you the opportunity to provide your partners and clients with any technical texts, marketing content, or legal documents that they may require in their native language.

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Your online agency for translation from Malay to English

Does your business require a qualified Malay to English translator, with expert knowledge of the language? BeTranslated is happy to translate your business correspondence, legal documents, promotional material, or PowerPoint presentations. We work with all formats from PDF and InDesign to HTML and Office. Communication is key, and with a professional, experienced, native translator, you can rest assured that your documents will be translated with care and attention to detail. Request a free, no obligation quote today!

A team of certified language professionals at your service

BeTranslated has a large database of native Malay translators, specialising in a number of sectors. We choose the best-suited translator to your sector or area of activity to best target your audience, customer or business partner. Whether your company’s activity is based in tourism, healthcare, construction, agriculture, distribution, law, or marketing our team of translators are ready to localize all of your texts from Malay into English and vice-versa. In contracting the services of a professional translation agency, you avoid any potential miscommunications or language mishaps, guaranteeing positive international business partnerships.

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