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Implementing an SEO strategy, for Google and other search engines, is now vital for developing trade in France and launching your products and services in other countries.

SEO services
SEO editing and translation services

Are you in urgent need of content for your e-commerce site? Is your villa rental site getting fewer clicks and dropping down the listings? Is your blog not up to scratch and needing the raw materials to get back on the offensive?

Our agency is here to meet your needs for targeted content editing. Our professional editors will create 100% SEO-friendly articles for your website or blog that will highlight your chosen keywords. At BeTranslated, we do not duplicate content. All our content is original, reliable, and high quality, for natural SEO.

Equally, our SEO translators can translate your content into the language of your choice to provide a perfectly keyword-focused target text. Localization work, carried out by our highly experienced linguists, will push you up the search engine rankings of your target markets to give you an optimal return on investment.

In both cases, you can either suggest a pre-prepared list of keywords or we can work together to select the most relevant keywords to include or translate.

Strategies and Adwords campaigns

BeTranslated is also here to work with you to prepare, edit and monitor Adwords campaigns in any language, including English, Spanish, Chinese and, of course, French.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns allow you to land new clients in your target market(s) and have the advantage of being totally predictable in terms of cost. You can calculate your return on investment before the first email has even been sent.

Our professional editors are generally from the translation industry but also have backgrounds in the online marketing world, so have already written and taken part in many Adwords campaigns. They know the tricks of the trade as well as the traps to avoid. For example, as you may know, Google Adwords ads have a limited space of just three lines of text, with one line of 30 characters and two of 35. This restriction can prove to be a real hassle when optimizing your ad in French, in German with its compound nouns or in Mandarin.

With BeTranslated, these problems are systematically resolved, and editing Google Adwords ads is child’s play for our paid-SEO experts.

Website or e-commerce optimization

For natural, high-quality SEO, it is important not to forget about what goes on behind the scenes of your site. Our SEO specialists pride themselves on optimizing Meta and Description tags and incorporating relevant keywords in your content in order to gain precious ground in the famous search engine’s ranking.

Editing or translating SEO articles is a key aspect of optimization that should not be overlooked under any circumstances.

Our team for SEO
Our team at your service – live monitoring & exceptional results

Your success is what motivates us. At BeTranslated, we know what the long hours of work in front of a computer mean. You might be building a website, an e-commerce page or a cookery blog. You could be creating a multilingual web page, or offering guitar lessons or educational videos, to be subtitled in several languages.

That is why our services are exclusively designed for professionals who know that good SEO is the key to success.

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