Why a Multi-Language Website is Important for Your Customers

multi-language website

The Internet has opened up a whole range of possibilities for businesses looking to reach their customers. Nowadays, whenever you are thinking of making a purchase, your first instinct is likely to go online. Either you search for a company online or visit their website directly. Searching for a business online has become the most common method among customers.

This is why businesses must have a website even when their target customers are based locally. It serves as an online showcase of their products or services and is the perfect port of call for their target audience. It’s a good practice, but there’s one mistake many companies always make, and that’s only making their website available in one language: English.

The importance of having a multi-language website

A multi-language website opens many doors. English is indeed the most universally understood language but it’s comprehension around the world is often over-estimated by businesses. Not every one of your international clients may be able to understand your website if it is only available in English. It is obvious what the result of this will be – less hits, less customers, less profit.

You will lose site traffic and leads – the last thing you want when trying to reach out to new customers. One sure-fire way to increase your traffic and avoid unnecessary losses is to contract the services of a professional website translator. Don’t worry – your content doesn’t have to be available in every possible language. All you need are several translated versions of your material in the languages spoken by most of your clients, allowing them to learn more about your brand without any unnecessary hurdles.

A multilingual website is just as important as proper email management when dealing with international clients. In ConvertKit email automation review the importance of email in engaging your customers is stressed. Email automation plays a crucial role in conveying your message to your audience and to get them to your website. However, even when you have perfected your emailing system, if your site offers only a single language, there’s a chance you will still lose a large number of potential customers.

If your target customers cannot understand your services because it’s in a different language, they aren’t likely to stay. Most of them will give up and look for another they can relate to – that’s human behavior. People will simply move on and in such a competitive market, you must find a way to stop your visitors from leaving.

Your customers are waiting to read your website in their language, so don’t miss out on improving their user experience with the following strategies and pointers:

Carry out customer research

It is vitally important that before you make any decisions, you do some research. With the arrival of the Internet, your market expanded. Given the audience’s preference for native language content, localizing your website is a must. Now you know why, you need to think about where… Where are your target audiences located?

Before you localize your online material and contract the services of an expert translator for your website, you need to familiarize yourself with your customers. You need to find out what channels they use, so you can connect with them. There is a world out there waiting for your professionally translated multilingual website but first, learn more about sales opportunities abroad and the market that’s open to you.

Also, don’t forget to read up on budgeting and annual planning. Look for growing demands from customers and product shipping patterns. It may be hard to push towards a new market for some companies, but you can use analytical tools to help you fine-tune your strategy. Whatever the case, the first step towards developing the perfect market strategy before entering a new market is doing research.

Invest in your website

Many companies aren’t willing to invest in website translation. However, the costs are not as much as you might think – not even 1% of total investment in marketing. Translation services are a great deal with lots of benefits to offer, and guarantee immediate results making the service worth your investment. If you decide not to translate your website, you may be alienating many potential customers who won’t know about your brand.

Find a content writer in other languages

If you are ready to enter a new market, it’s time to translate your content. You can contact an online translation agency for custom SEO writing services or original content in your language of choice. This is a great strategy since it means you can have content written in a way that your customers will really understand. Luckily, BeTranslated’s team of native linguists includes many professional copywriters working in a wide variety of languages.

Be careful about what content you are publishing

It’s a great idea to translate your website, but make sure you are careful about what you publicize and share in other languages. Unless you can speak the language itself, you must be careful that you aren’t posting or sharing offensive information. The best way to avoid this is to source your content from professionals and be sure to have a native speaker check over your website.

An effective website translation can be the perfect way to boost your business. Just like all other marketing strategies, it is a simple but effective technique to increase traffic to your site. It is a sound investment and will significantly improve your user experience. We hope that our tips have helped you prepare your business for the global online market!

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