In Need of an Urgent Translation? BeTranslated’s Got it Covered!

Urgent translation services

There’s nothing worse than a last-minute rush, no matter what sector you’re working in. We are all familiar with that awful feeling of messing up a presentation that you had to throw together the night before, or the embarrassment of finding a report is full of spelling mistakes after rushing to meet a deadline. It’s true that time constraints and quality seldom go hand in hand. Unfortunately, most organizations face tight deadlines and time constraints on a regular basis.

Does your company or organization work to a tight schedule?

Are you regularly faced with urgent translation needs? Are you looking for a trusted translation agency, capable of delivering quality document translations even when working against the clock? Our translation agency prides itself on our positive, can-do attitude regarding urgent requests, and we always do everything within our abilities to accommodate our clients.

Whether it is a technical translation from English into French, an urgent SEO article required for a travel blog that cannot wait to be published or subtitles needed for a Spanish video.

If your project manager wants the translated document on their desk by 8am the next morning, don’t panic! You’re in the right place. Whatever your requirements or language combinations, we can quickly find the appropriate solution for you and assign you a specialist translator.

At BeTranslated, your last-minute translation projects are in good hands!

When you choose BeTranslated, you are choosing simplicity and professionalism. Take a deep breath, relax – we’ll take care of the rest.

From the receipt of your business documents to the delivery of the final translated version, our project managers see your translation project through to the end:

  • First, we analyze the word count;
  • Then we provide you with a translation quote according to the word count
  • Once you have confirmed the quote, we convert your files to a translatable format (we accept all files from PDF and InDesign to the more common Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or HTML formats)
  • We assign your content to a native translator specializing in your field of operation
  • If need be, we can also offer an additional proofreading service once the document has been translated
  • Finally, we send you the translated document in the same format as the original source text.

This is all done within the agreed budget and deadline, even when dealing with very tight deadlines and technical texts.

When it comes to translation, quality should always be your priority. That is why our translators all translate into their mother tongue and are recruited for their linguistic skills and professional experience, as well as their ability to provide urgent translations and deal with quick turnarounds.

At BeTranslated we know one thing, and that’s that our linguists aren’t afraid of a challenge!

We know that every minute is precious

The client is always our priority. This is why we do everything we can so all you have to worry about is sending and receiving your documents. Even if you require a last-minute translation from German due first thing the following day, we make sure we have a specialist translator to suit your needs before accepting the project. This applies to all services, including copywriting, proofreading, and audiovisual translation.

Our timeframes vary depending on the size of your documents. It is quite obvious that the task of translating a 500-word document from English into French in a few hours is not the same as translating a German PowerPoint into Mandarin by first thing the next morning.

We do our best to meet even the most challenging of requests, as we understand the importance of meeting translation demands quickly and efficiently.

The concept of “urgency” varies depending on the client

Our years of experience have taught us that the “urgency” of a quick translation varies from client to client and depends on the type of project in question. For example, we were once asked on a Thursday evening at 17:00 to provide a 3000 word translation from English into German for 12:00 the next day.

An urgent translation such as this requires a great deal of organization, as one translator cannot translate such a large word count in just a few hours. To solve this issue, we assign 2 or 3 translators to the project, to make sure we meet your deadline, leaving enough time for proofreading and the final eye.

To help us get things moving and start organizing the project as soon as possible, be sure to send us your document or documents with your first email. This way, we can start assigning each task and converting file formats as soon as we receive your documents.

Quick translation services – higher pressure, higher rates

We always aim for total transparency with our clients. This is why it is important to note that last-minute translations are charged at a higher rate. Why? Urgent projects require our project managers and translators to work overtime and, often, overnight. Naturally, these extra working hours and loss of sleep is compensated – therefore, the price of an urgent translation is slightly higher than that of a “standard” translation.

Our final price is still one of the most competitive on the market, especially considering the quality of the final product and the personalized service offered by our project managers.

In need of a quick translation? Need information fast? Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a free quote or for more information on our rates and services! In the case of an urgent request, we will get back to you as soon as possible to offer you our best solution to suit your budget and timescale.