Translation Services for Insurance Companies

Oct 1, 2019 | Business Tips, Expertise

insurance translation services

Our translation agency specializes in bespoke language services for primary, secondary and tertiary sectors

European at heart with a global outlook, our boutique translation agency provides tailor-made language solutions for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Whatever your location or area of operation, our team of certified translators, copywriters and project managers are here to find the language solution that’s right for you. If there is one industry in which professional translation is essential, it’s the insurance industry.

Many insurance agencies have turned to BeTranslated to meet their localization needs and to facilitate efficient multilingual communication. During the 20th century, we saw a constant evolution between the three sectors. While the three types of activities still coexist, the tertiary sector has made significant progress. In 2018, 79.14 percent of the U.S. workforce was made up of tertiary sector workers.

Insurance brokers and insurance companies make up a large portion of the private sector in both the U.K. and the U.S. With the rising popularity of international travel, and the general increase in migration between countries, insurance companies are now required to face the challenge of global, multilingual communication. The only way to ensure that your clients are receiving the best possible service and to meet new market demands is to contract the services of a professional translation agency.

This is where BeTranslated comes in: our specialist translation agency is one of the leading language service providers for the insurance sector. Our clients are always given VIP treatment, and we carefully select the best-suited specialist translators for each project.

Translations for insurance companies

British and American insurance service providers work with targeted documents specific to the insurance sector (policies, contracts, etc.). These documents are often translated in order to meet the legal and commercial requirements of the market targeted by the insurance company or according to the nationality of the insured.

In the field of travel insurance, efficient multilingual communication is essential. Document translation may be needed throughout the entirety of a claim, including initial contact with the client, translation of medical reports and assessments, witness statement translations, affidavits, etc. To avoid confusion and potential loss of clients, be sure to trust in the professionals for all language services.

Founded in 2002, BeTranslated has provided expert translation services to a large variety of insurance firms. Our translators are all certified, with many specializing in the insurance sector – some are even former insurers themselves. Our translator database is rich in talent and expertise, and our linguists are prepared to take on all of your translation projects:

  • Portfolio management
  • Actuarial services
  • Statistics
  • Market research
  • Contracts
  • Claims
  • IT
  • Asset management
  • Insurance brokers
  • Sales and administration

BeTranslated is a professional online translation agency working in a large variety of language combinations. Whether you need an insurance contract translated into Spanish or a statistics translation in Japanese, we’re just an email away!

Why choose BeTranslated ?

To facilitate your international communications, we offer leading translation and proofreading services to companies in the insurance sector. Our professional translators, specialized in this sector, often work to very tight deadlines to enable you to communicate with your clients and colleagues, wherever they are in France, Mexico, China, Brazil…

Don’t take the risk of asking one of your employees, who has some knowledge of German, to translate your contracts and other business documents into the language of Goethe! And beware of online machine translation, whose repeated errors can end up costing your company a lot of money. Your communication is the face of your insurance company and it must be flawless!

Urgent translations and quick translation quotes: we’re here for you 24/7

Whether you’re dealing with insurance contracts for real estate, a vehicle, housing, family, retirement, income, etc., insurers handle their clients’ most personal and private files. With BeTranslated, you can rest assured that the confidentiality of their documents is respected throughout the entire translation process. Our specialized translators working in the insurance field respect the instructions provided by the client and are committed to providing translation services that meet the highest standards. Get in touch with BeTranslated today for a free quote!