Why promotional material can help market your company

promotional material translation

The only way a business can flourish is through advertising and marketing. Even products from popular household names like Apple, Microsoft, and Ford are still being marketed to make sure people of all age groups are familiar with them. As well as overt advertising campaigns, corporations use promotional material for a more subtle reminder of their presence to potential and previous customers.  (more…)

3 reasons communication challenges businesses

communication challenging

From high staff turnover to low client satisfaction ratings, businesses have a lot to lose from fostering an environment of poor communication. The financial cost can be overwhelming: according to a Holmes report, poor communication and misunderstandings have led to a staggering $37 billion in losses. Communication is a fundamental building block for a successful business, and placing a focus on improving this aspect of your company could shield you from contributing to that $37 billion. (more…)

7 ways to build up your translation agency

Translation services are essential businesses that allow clients to understand documents in different languages, and many freelancers and sole traders consider setting up their own translation company. However, once you have opened your agency, what comes next? Read on to find out the best ways to build on your business’s clientele, profits, and expertise. (more…)

How to ensure you get the most out of your translators

performance translator

No translation business can succeed without a team of skilled, hardworking translators. Improving the performance of your team will be critical for success and taking the company forward, but this can be a huge challenge particularly if you are using remote and/or freelance translators where you are not working alongside them each day. (more…)

5 speed reading tips for the busy professional

Marcel Proust’s ‘Remembrance of things past’ is a whopping 4215 pages long, covering seven volumes. Thankfully, most of us will never have to plough our way through that particular document however, there are times, in whatever business or industry we’re in when we need to absorb a large amount of information in a small amount of time. Having to read – and understand – a huge book or document can be daunting but, it needn’t be overwhelming. At ultimatebanners, reading – and understanding large quantities of content is a big part of what they do and, when it comes to speed reading, they have a few tricks up their sleeve… (more…)