Top tips to draw new customers to your translation business

translation business

It can be challenging for translation agencies to find new customers that are interested in their work because translation is a niche service that not every person or business requires on a day-to-day basis. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways in which you can draw new clients to your translation business. This article will detail some of the best techniques that you can use to attract new, and hopefully loyal, customers in no time at all. (more…)

Website and social media translation for the Russian market

Russian Website Translation

With more 170 million native speakers and an estimated 100 million second-language speakers, Russian has a significant global presence. It is an official language not only in the largest country in the world, Russia, but also in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. It is also widely spoken in many former Soviet republics including Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, and Azerbaijan. (more…)

Translation for European and international law: a complex web of geopolitical and economic issues

European law

European and public international law are demanding areas requiring absolute accuracy. Based on a number of complex legal texts (international treaties, the United Nations Charter, European treaties and protocol, trade agreements…), European and international law have a direct impact on the global economy and geopolitics. There is therefore a lot at stake, and translations in this field must be handled carefully and with complete precision at all times. (more…)