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Below, you can find the names and addresses of BeTranslated team. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any translation project, large or small. We will respond as quickly as possible. If you are an independent translator who wants to be added to our database, you can register here. Please do not call us.

If you live in one of the countries listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact your local project manager directly. You can also send general inquiries about France, the UK, or any other country not listed here to info@betranslated.comIf you are not sure who to contact, please use our quote request form.


Michael Bastin
Calle Dr. Ferran 13
46021 Valencia

 phone +34 962 02 22 22
email info@betranslated.com


Nancy Brady
3204 Selwyn Farms Ln, Suite 5
Charlotte NC 28209

phone+ 1 859-816-8321
email info@betranslated.com


Karl Supierz
Calle D, 26 Urbanización Casilda
51000 Santiago
Dominican Republic

phone +1 809 712 5654
email info@betranslated.com


Jean-François Bunouf
106, Rue de la Mutualité
4030 Liège

phone+32 477 28 42 55

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Our experienced project managers are here to answer all your questions as they guide you through the process. Get in touch today for more information or a free quote!

Technical translation

Technical translation requires not only language skills, but also expert knowledge of the subject area and market in question.

Marketing translation

Translators specializing in marketing understand how to encourage readers to take action so you can achieve your business objectives.

Business translation

Our experienced business translators are well-versed in the full range of business and financial documents that turn the wheels of international trade.

IT translation

Given the fast pace of change in this sector, our specialist IT and telecom expert translators stay up-to-date with innovation and technology.