Professional Marketing Translation Services

The translation of marketing documents is of utmost importance for any internationally oriented company, regardless of whether these documents are intended for internal or external use.

Marketing translations that promote your brand

The goal of all marketing is to reach your potential customers and convince them of the quality of your products or services. More and more companies are simply translating their marketing content into one language.

To increase your company’s credibility and engage the interest of your target audience, it is important to provide on-brand messaging in your readers’ native language. Customers will be more likely to trust you, which will boost your sales. But beware of low-quality translations: in order for your message to be communicated well it must be adapted to the culture of your audience.

For optimal results, the only solution is to entrust your projects to a professional translator who specializes in marketing. At BeTranslated our skilled linguists will produce accurate translations of your marketing content, localized for the cultures of your target audience.


Marketing translation: a subject area in its own right

A translator specializing in marketing often has to rewrite a text, taking the intended audience into account. A strategy that is effective in the United States may not be greeted the same way in Europe. What is the point of promoting a product on the European market by comparing it to baseball?

The translator must adapt the text, taking into account regional and cultural specifics of the target audience and, in this example, modify the references by using a sport better known in Europe, such as football.

For this type of translation, it is also important to understand all the nuances and subtleties of the source language. After all, how do you translate and adapt a cultural reference or a play on words if you don’t understand it? Marketing translation is truly creative work, the kind that is usually reserved for advertising copywriters.

Choose a trusted partner with excellent editorial skills who is business savvy to deliver a result that’s every bit as catchy as the original.

We specialize in marketing translation services for the following areas:

press releases

Translation of press releases

If your goal is to influence decision-makers in your area or your target markets, it makes complete sense to publish your press releases in more than one language. To effectively engage your readers and give your business credibility, you need to address them in their native languages, using translations that are culturally sensitive and relevant.


Translation of catalogs and brochures

Do you represent an online travel agent or online booking platform? Do you use a brochure or flyer to promote your offers, products, or B to B marketing services? Would you like to have your product catalog or e-commerce inventory translated? Contact BeTranslated for a free, no-obligation quote.


Translation of sports texts

Do you need to translate documents specifically in the sports sector? You’ve come to the right place. The translation of sports texts will allow you to reach a wider audience and to capture the interest of fans of different sports. Your efforts will translate into increased traffic, better conversions and a great return on investment.

contents and websites

Translation of content and websites

Don’t hesitate to entrust us with the translation of your sales pages or blog posts. This approach will allow you to reach new markets and grow your business around the world. We can translate your website into French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, plus many other languages. BeTranslated will be by your side during your international expansion.


Translation of surveys and marketing campaigns

Do you plan to conquer new markets? Marketing campaign translations and survey translations are the first steps towards the internationalization of your business. BeTranslated can guide you through this process by entrusting your content to professional translators who are intimately familiar with marketing strategies.


Translation of advertising material

Brochures, booklets, flyers, magazines, newspaper adverts, articles for trade magazines, and advertising material… all of these are tools for growth you can use to enter the most promising markets — with the right translation service provider by your side to guide you. BeTranslated’s team of expert marketing translators is the ideal choice.

Any Questions?

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