Website Localization Solutions

website localization solutions

Connectors and APIs for CMS-based websites

It is easy to see why an automated solution makes life easier for customers, given the ever-expanding amount of content produced each day and the need for quick and affordable CMS website localization solutions.

Today there are a wide variety of website platforms to choose from. As a professional translation agency we need to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to IT translation and website localization, and as a result we can provide a variety of localization solutions. Advances in CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools now allow us to work with an even larger number of formats and software solutions. Looking for a connector solution to streamline your content localization? Read more about the formats we work with to find out if we can help you localize your content and reach a wider global audience!

Translation and localization services

When translating online content, CMS like Drupal and Magento require a plugin, connector or API in order for translation agencies to upload the content to their CAT tool. For example, the plugin WPML, used for WordPress, allows content to be published and translated as it is produced, keeping the multilingual site in line with the original language site.

There are many connectors available that transfer content from third-party CMS solutions such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc.

APIs, like connectors, allow websites and applications to be programmatically integrated with the platforms of translation services. A custom-made CMS requires an API based on the architecture of the CMS.

For the translation of your web content, the most practical and cost-effective solution is to contact a specialized translation agency to connect your API/connector with their translation platforms to handle the automation/export of content. CAT tools like Trados, Memsource and SmartCat can then be used for the actual translation. In this way, new or updated content is sent directly to your language service provider, and localization can be achieved without unnecessary delay.

At BeTranslated we provide a variety of tailored, supported solutions for CMS, offering multinationals and SMBs continuous localization services. Continuous translation means your own personalized, non-stop human translation service for streamed or frequently updated content.

CMS translation solutions

Our team of professional linguists work with all CAT tools. Using connectivity technology, we can transfer your content to our translation platforms, creating a perfectly synchronized, easily updatable multilingual solution. One of our translation tools, Smartcat, for example, allows us to connect to the following content management systems:

Magento 2.2 and 2.3 – Magento is a modern cloud eCommerce platform.

WordPress – WordPress is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP & MySQL.

Bitrix – 1C-Bitrix is a CMS popular in Russia and CIS countries.

Git – Git is a free and open-source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. The connector also covers other Git repositories such as GitHub and GitLab.

Mercurial – Mercurial is a free, distributed source control management tool. It efficiently handles projects of any size and offers an easy and intuitive interface.

SVN – Subversion is an open source version control system.

Drupal 8 – Drupal is a flexible and versatile CMS used for websites and applications. It is one of the most technically advanced solutions on the market and is often the CMS of choice for larger websites and corporations.

Joomla 3 – coming soon!

Dropbox – we can automatically receive files that are created or deposited in a Dropbox folder

Zapier – used for general interconnectivity between various platforms

Using Smartcat’s API, it is possible to develop connectors relatively fast. Depending on the complexity, around 6 weeks might be sufficient for a developer. The Smartcat team can recommend partners and 3rd party development teams if the user does not have internal resources.

We are regularly updating this list as new connectors are added.

Benefits of automated solutions

Streamlined and automated translation process

Our project managers can work directly with your CMS solution, using the right connectors or APIs to keep an up-to-date influx of content to our translation servers. Multilingual localization of your website, e-commerce site or application can be provided in harmony with your development and production of content. The whole translation process is therefore streamlined, saving you precious time.

Eliminate manual, time-consuming steps in your multilingual content creation process. Reach more customers Access a network of over 5000 language experts who specialize in more than 175 languages. Improve transparency by centralizing translation and keep an overview of projects all from within your digital platform.

Cost-efficient localization solution

The process of continuous localization cuts out unnecessary costs in integrating translated content or modifications to your web layout or structure. It works with your existing CMS to create a single, seamless workflow without interrupting your developers, integrators or web designers. Once everything has been set up, the need for human interaction decreases, which leads to lower costs.

Continuous translation services

Thanks to these connectors, you can send us your newly published content, and as your translation agency we will take care of translating and sending you back the content. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to communicate with your international audience – keep a constantly updated multilingual website with the aid of a custom localization service. As you update content on your CMS, our team of seasoned linguists is notified and can start translating your content.

BeTranslated – your expert localization service

BeTranslated is an online boutique translation agency with a dedicated team of language professionals. We only work with native speakers to ensure that your translated content reads perfectly, reaching as many international customers as possible. Need an e-commerce website localization from English into Spanish? Looking to update your blog content in real time in Chinese? We have a translator for every specialization and language combination, and our project managers are happy to tailor each translation project to your specific localization needs, budget and time frame.

Need a CMS translation solution that suits your budget and schedule? Get in touch with BeTranslated’s technical department to find the best solution to automate your translation process. Contact us today for a free quote or with any questions regarding our professional language solutions.