BeTranslated Announces Partnership With WPML

Mar 10, 2018 | Translation News

Global Network of Translators Integrates Seamlessly Into Popular WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Valencia, Spain, March 13, 2018 – Global translation network BeTranslated is pleased to announce a new partnership with WPML, a product of OnTheGoSystems. As an authorized partner, BeTranslated’s specialized translation professionals will offer website localization and internationalization through the convenient WPML (WordPress Multilingual plugin), providing clients with seamless efficient website translations.

A professional agency specializing in business translation for clients around the globe, website translation has long been a staple of BeTranslated’s portfolio of business services. Relying on a wide-ranging and specialized network of experienced freelance translators, BeTranslated’s customers can expand into new markets and reach thousands of potential customers around the world with a few clicks.

“Website translation is the key to reaching new markets,” says Michael Bastin, Founder and CEO of BeTranslated. “With our network of translators specializing in business, marketing, IT, and technical translation, we excel at finding the right team with deep knowledge of a client’s area of business for each project, ensuring maximum reach in your target market.”

Bastin continues: “Let’s be honest, though: website translation can be tricky business. It’s not just a matter of localizing a few documents. Dynamic web content has to be continuously updated and pushed into the CMS. And that’s just the customer-facing part — you also have to think about the backend, as well as menus, keywords, pop-ups, error messages, and so on.  Without an integrated approach, businesses can find it difficult to maintain a multilingual website.”

The WPML plugin solves this fundamental problem. By providing seamless integration between the customer’s website and BeTranslated’s project management, content can be easily selected for translation and delivered to the translators most suited to the task.

WordPress and WPML allow businesses of any size to reach a global audience. This integration with complements the package with world-class translation capabilities. Our goal is to make sure that any business from any country can easily expand and reach new clients in foreign countries.” Amir Helzer, OnTheGoSystems’ CEO.

Using the plugin, clients select web pages or specific pages for translation, and all content related to those pages will be delivered to BeTranslated. BeTranslated then sends the translated version back to the plugin within the client’s CMS, making it easy to automatically publish content in the new language on the site.

“No matter what the language, if your website is monolingual, you’re missing out on a large part of the world,” says Bastin. “We know from many years of experience that clients often shy away from multilingual websites because they seem like too much of a headache to maintain. With our new partnership, it’s easier than ever to capitalize on global opportunities.”

BeTranslated is also available to assist with sites not on WordPress, and for the translation and adaption of business and marketing materials, including proofreading, auditing of translated websites, and social media.

You can purchase WPML for BeTranslated here.

BeTranslated is a network of translation project managers operating as a decentralized translation agency to serve the website and document translation needs of small, medium and large companies across Europe and North America. BeTranslated specializes in marketing, travel, IT and technical translations from and into English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, and Portuguese.

WPML is a plugin for WordPress that allows users to build multilingual websites and translate them. WPML helps build anything from simple blogs to large enterprise sites. WPML is a product of OnTheGoSystems, offering support 6 days a week, 19 hours a day, in 9 languages.

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