Professional translation rates

How much does translation cost?

Rates depend on:

  • The number of words to translate
  • The source and target languages
  • The timeframe for delivery
  • The technical level of the text
  • The format of the source file
  • The potential regularity or your translation needs

Conditions and methods of payment

  • Payment is requested within 30 days after the date of the invoice.

  • We recommend paying through international bank transfer

  • Rates are offered in Euros.

  • If a check is your only means of payment, we require an extra charge of 50 EUR / USD for the processing of the check.

  • If necessary, we can also accept payments via PayPal.


How do you price translation services?

In order to give you an accurate quote, we ask that you send us as much information as possible about the nature of your translation project:

  • What is the deadline?
  • Which languages are involved?
  • What format are your documents in?


We strive to reply within 24 hours after receiving your request.

To provide you with a translation quote, we analyze your text thoroughly before making a precise and detailed offer.

Some sample translation rates

For a general idea of our rates, please take a look at these sample rates. Rates may vary depending on the points mentioned above:


Translation from of a 5,000-word marketing document from English into French.

From € 0.10 to € 0.16 per word from the source document


Major translation project from English into French (more than 50,000 words) in everyday language (marketing, development, etc.)

          Between € 0.12 and € 0.14 per word from the source document, depending on the desired timeframe


French - German translation of a 10,000 word document

          Between € 0.13 and € 0.16 per word from the source document, depending on the desired timeframe


French - Spanish translation of a 2,000-word file € 0.12 per word from the source document (240 EUR).

          € 0.13 per word from the source document

Pagrindinės mūsų specializacijos sritys 

Techninių tekstų vertimas

Techninių tekstų vertimas reikalauja ne tik kalbos įgūdžių, bet ir išsamių žinių apie nagrinėjamą dalyką.

Rinkodaros tekstų vertimas

Vertėjui, kuris specializuojasi rinkodaros srityje, reikia unikalių kalbinių ir redakcinių įgūdžių, kad galėtų pristatyti auditorijai puikiai pritaikytą žinutę.

Verslo tekstų vertimas

Mūsų vertėjai dirba su įvairiais verslo ir finansiniais dokumentais, kurie naudojami ir tarptautinėje prekyboje.

IT tekstų vertimas

Atsižvelgiant į spartėjančią šios srities raidą, vertėjas, kuris specializuojasi telekomunikacijų srityje, turi nuolat atnaujinti savo žinias.