Technical Translation Services

Technical translation should never be improvised!

Technical translation tends to be very specific. These are areas where every term and every detail are critically important and mistakes could have serious consequences. BeTranslated offers technical translation services into French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German, Polish, Swedish and many more languages.

A wide range of technical translators

Technical translation requires not only language skills, but also in-depth knowledge of the subject area.

The intended audience for these kinds of texts are often specialists, and a lack of knowledge of the proper terminology can cause readers to reject them — rightfully so.

English technical terms are often used in other languages without translation, or there may be a local equivalent – which is why technical translation sometimes also borders on computer translation.

Technical translators with rigorous training

In addition to their knowledge, a technical translator must have access to essential research material (magazines, dictionaries, specialized works, etc.). Often, translators who specialize in this field have additional training.

They are engineers, computer scientists, doctors, technicians, etc. who decided to reorient their career towards translation because of their love of languages.

Therefore, these professionals have perfect mastery of the topics covered by the texts they translate.

Our specialist technical translation areas:

Machine operating instructions
Descriptions and data sheets

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french-english technical translator
Professional French to English translator

Tony has been working as a full-time French-English translator for 10 years. He actually got into this profession when he moved to the French countryside. He specializes in various fields ranging from the technical to the commercial sector, particularly in real estate and tourism.

french english professiona translator
French-English translator specializing in aeronautics

Nancy brings her experience and attention to detail to BeTranslated’s clients by offering translations between French and English, as well as proofreading, editing, and writing services. She is also the representative of BeTranslated in the United States.

Traducteur anglais français
English-French IT translator

Originally from the south of France, Frédéric has dual French and Argentine citizenship. After studying industrial engineering, he worked for 10 years in various countries as a systems engineer, combining his professional qualifications with his taste for travel. Frédéric translates between English and Spanish and specializes in the fields technology, computers, and tourism.

paul traducteur technique
Technical and scientific translator

Paul specializes in technical and scientific translation. Curious by nature, his extensive area of knowledge has brought him many long-term clients. Perfect bilingual in English and French, he also speaks Spanish and Dutch. Organized and rigorous, Paul has good general knowledge, and he is specialized in several fields, notably information technology.