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5 tricks to build vocabulary in a foreign language

Having the desire to learn a new language is entirely normal and could even be a necessity for success in some educational or work environments like sports, translation, language courses, etc. Some people are drawn to a language for romantic or sentimental reasons. A...

Expanding your business into Russia?

Translate into Russian and successfully expand your business into this important global economy Scaling your business to new global markets unlocks a huge potential for growth. But ensuring success in the largest country in the world requires significant...

How Norwegian translation can help unlock new business

How Norwegian translation can help unlock new businessAre you expanding into Norway?Contracting a professional Norwegian translator could be the best way to expand your business into Norway and the Nordic region. In Norway, incomes are evenly distributed...

Why e-commerce website translation is key to growth

An e-commerce website offers a relatively low barrier to entry for selling your products and services online. But unlike a traditional business model, it allows you to operate beyond boundaries and start an international business from day one.

Boost your business with a translated company newspaper

First impressions really do count - especially in translationWith more companies specializing in low cost digital printing quality, it has never been easier to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Any text that represents your business should also represent...


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