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Translating into High or Low German: which one to choose?

Should I translate into High or Low German? German, is spoken as a native language by 100 million people worldwide, and within the European Union, it is the most widely spoken first language. Although most commonly known as the official language Germany, Austria and a...

Using YouTube to Build Your Brand

YouTube is owned by Google. Google is the most-visited website in the entire world. Knowing this, it makes sense to use the Google algorithms to your advantage when you’re looking to build a brand.

Translation of blog articles and web content

Our translation agency offers bespoke translation solutions to help you produce quality content targeted towards markets in Belgium, Italy, China, or any country of your choice. Our professional translators localize your online content or website into English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German, as well as many Asian, Scandinavian and Eastern-European languages.

5 tricks to build vocabulary in a foreign language

Having the desire to learn a new language is entirely normal and could even be a necessity for success in some educational or work environments like sports, translation, language courses, etc. Some people are drawn to a language for romantic or sentimental reasons. A...


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