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English-Portuguese Translation Service

Translation from English into Portuguese will boost your international turnover Business in Portugal has boosted with a growth of almost 3% and the country reports falling unemployment, this is an amazing turn around following their economic crisis. The recent social...

Gain Flexibility by Becoming a Freelance Translator

Through offering a specialized skill, the average translator earns over €28,000 when working for a company. However, as a freelancer, the earning potential is often higher with 60% of those who quit their job to freelance earning more as a result.

NGOs Need Translators: How to Choose a Partner Wisely

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and translation go hand in hand, as specialized knowledge needs to be shared between partners in order to carry out transformative work, in the fields of sustainable development, disaster relief and even inside local organizations with multicultural contexts.

What Is the Importance of Medical Translation Today?

The medical field overall is one of the most important that exists in the world today. Researchers struggle to find ways to cure life-threatening diseases and invent drugs and other medical devices to make our lives easier when afflicted with a debilitating illness....

Translation Guest Bloggers Welcome

An invite to all guest bloggers! Being a multinational translation company we are looking for people who blog in related fields. Our company offers a service catering to all businesses large and small around the world. We have a strong team of qualified linguistic specialist who can translate from country to country worldwide covering languages throughout Europe, Asia and more.

Professional Human Translation

Professional translation: humans do it better We are here to tell you how professional human translation is by far the best type of translation. Save yourself the time, money and a headache!! Start as you mean to go on and get it right from the offset. This is the...

Translation Tools

Translation tools are numerous out there. Some are quite simple to use and have become industry-standard software, while very specialized localization software may require more time to learn and make it possible to realize very technical translation activities....


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