How to supplement your income with your translation blog

Monetize Translation Blog

For freelance translators looking to expand their market and maximize their profits, creating a translation website and blog can be a wise move. You may decide to create a blog solely about translation and language, or something focused on your specialization. Whatever the topic, a well-written, regularly updated blog will bring more traffic to your website which can translate into more customers. (more…)

More than words: tips for creating a multi-language website

creating a multi language website

55% of customers prefer to shop in their native language. If this number doesn’t convince you that you need a multi-language website for your company or e-commerce business, here’s another: famous marketer Neil Patel increased his traffic by 47% by translating his blog. A site in several languages can be a great asset. But what’s the correct way to design such a site? (more…)