Localization: what’s all the fuss about?

Most businesses branching out into international markets realize that professional translation will be a part of the process, whether that’s the translation of legal contracts, marketing campaigns, or the company website. They may not have considered, however, the need for, and value of, a professional localization service. But what is localization? And why do you need it? (more…)

Global business guide: top tips for international expansion

The consistent growth of a business always means the expansion of its audience. In a globally connected age, that means international development should always be factored in as part of your business plan. There are many challenges to international trade, but as more of the world gets online, global expansion is no longer loaded with the barriers that it used to be. The rewards can make the hard work more than worth it. If you have hit a growth wall and you’re considering expanding your business to reach an international audience, here are some of the best tips that could turn your company into a worldwide brand. (more…)

Why use machine learning translation with overseas clients?

machine learning translation

One of the biggest barriers to working with overseas clients for many businesses is the language difference. Without access to reliable and high-quality translation services, businesses are unable to take on work from overseas clients. Hiring a human to translate things can quickly get expensive, and while a machine learning translation tool isn’t exactly cheap, it is a much more affordable option. (more…)

Translations vs Localization vs Transcreation

translation vs transcreation

If you’re planning to leverage international markets, you need to understand the difference between translation, localization, and transcreation. Many a global brand has come unstuck because their translated marketing is meaningless in their new, overseas, target market. Sometimes, logos are deemed offensive in different cultures resulting in catastrophic profit loss. (more…)

Website localization solutions

CMS translation

Connectors and APIs for CMS-based websites

It is easy to see why an automated solution makes life easier for customers, given the ever-expanding amount of content produced each day and the need for quick and affordable CMS website localization solutions.

Today there are a wide variety of website platforms to choose from. As a professional translation agency we need to keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to IT translation and website localization, and as a result we can provide a variety of localization solutions. Advances in CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools now allow us to work with an even larger number of formats and software solutions. Looking for a connector solution to streamline your content localization? Read more about the formats we work with to find out if we can help you localize your content and reach a wider global audience! (more…)