Setting up a New Company in Hong Kong

Set up a company in Hong Kong

Setting up a new company is a complex endeavor full of financial and legal implications, which are made even more complicated when you choose to establish your business overseas. Having realized the potential for success, many entrepreneurs see Hong Kong as a desirable location to base their business. If this is something you’ve considered, reading this guide will be a useful first step in that process. (more…)

Learning a New Language While in Quarantine

Language Learning in QuarantineLearning a new language offers a great number of benefits. For one thing, it exposes you to different cultures. In this age of globalization thanks to rapid technological advancements, we are all much more likely to interact with those from other countries and cultures. Social media, for instance, has connected the world, making it possible to make friends from anywhere around the globe. (more…)

How Czech Translation Helps Expats Start a New Life

Czech translation for expats

Moving to a new country is one of the most exciting things a person can do and something many of us only dream of. There are around nine million Americans living overseas, with many of them opting to settle in Europe. The Czech Republic, for example, has recently gained popularity with American expats, who fall for the stunning castles, delicious beer, and low cost of living. (more…)

Localization: What’s All the Fuss About?


Most businesses branching out into international markets realize that professional translation will be a part of the process, whether that’s the translation of legal contracts, marketing campaigns, or the company website. They may not have considered, however, the need for, and value of, a professional localization service. But what is localization? And why do you need it? (more…)